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    Mac OS error code -50 burning from EyeTV

    I first came up against the -50 error yesterday when I tried to transfer my first FilmFour recording from EyeTV 2 to to DVD. I normally export from EyeTV as 'MPEG Program Stream' and then drop the mpg file into Toast. (Actually, I like to put two films onto one DVD disc, so I usually drop two mpg files into Toast and use 'Save As Disc Image', then use Toast or Popcorn to copy and compress the disc image onto one DVD.) Anyway, this is the first time I've had a problem, so I assume it's copy protection in FilmFour's signal . My first work-around was to export from EyeTV as a 'QuickTime Movie' and then use Toast as normal. This avoids the -50 error but it takes forever to export the QuickTime movie - I mean it's an overnight job! So at this point I even began to consider dusting off my VCR. In desperation, my second work-around was to export from EyeTV as 'MPEG Elementary Streams'. This creates two separate files: a video file (with .mpv extension) and an audio file (with .mpa extension). The export is fast, about the same as for 'MPEG Program Stream' except it seems to take a while to get started. I then dropped the video file and audio file into Toast and burned a DVD as normal (it took about 2 hours to burn the disc). I've no idea what Toast does when it burns the two separate files onto the disc . All I know is, when I put the disc in my DVD player and select the video file, it works fine - the video and sound are recombined and play together in sync. I think the second work-around is better 'cos it's faster, tho it's still slower than my normal method. I'd like to find a quicker solution.