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    Playback issue only after 49 mins

    Thanks for the help. I tried another DVD player a Toshbia combo DVD/VHS and the disc worked fine. So I guess I have an issue with my Blu Ray? Funny, I didn't even think that could be the problem, since it is rather new - although I had issues with it and sent it back to be repaired. Couple of questions for you - 1. Utilizing the Blu Ray player's system menu I checked for software updates and there were none. Is that sufficient when you say update the firmware? 2. The issue I was having was every few seconds the video and audio would pause and then it was like someone was stepping through each frame one by one. Slow motion step forward. 3. I have not had this issue with my blu ray player before. I have had issues with it recognizing certain commercial discs. This has happened two or three times. I have to keep taking the disc out and putting it back in, powering down, that kind of thing. Then eventually the disc plays. Aside from contacting the folks at LG again, any other ideas are appreciated. Thanks! JT
  2. Hello. I am new to burning DVDs. I have a variety of video content I have assembled using My DVD. I have now tried this multiple times, different content, different lengths. When I play back the disc on my Blu Ray BD 390, The content plays fine until we hit the 49 min, 42 second mark, then for the rest of the DVD it is choppy. Cuts out, advances once scene at a time in a step wise fashion. This doesn't happen when I play back on my computer. I have tried Verbatim and Memorex DVD+R DL. I am burning at 4x speed and have tried 2.4 as well. Same issue. Always fine until 49:42, then bad after that. Any ideas? Thanks for any help. Very frustrating and expensive. JT Computer HP EliteBook 6930p Roxio MyDVD Ver 10 Windows XO Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8ghx 2.96 GB RAM HD DVD RW AD-75615