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    Restore to a Different Computer with BackOn Track 3

    Hi, Dave, No, I have not tried the "continuous protection" part of True Image yet. I sort of thought it would be overkill for me, since I don't make frequent changes that need backing up. A once a week incremental backup is probably sufficient for me. El_Abuelo
  2. el_abuelo

    Restore to a Different Computer with BackOn Track 3

    Yes, Dave, you must have been working on the TCMs that were used in the 308X and 309X water cooled CPUs that I serviced in Field Engineering. I spent 26 years in the FE Division, in Denver, as a Customer Engineer. After retiring from IBM in 1993, I went to work for Bell Atlantic Business Systems Services, which later became DecisionOne Corporation. I spent about four years servicing the same type equipment that I did for IBM, plus some STC robotic tape libraries (SILO). I completely retired in 1998. Now I wonder how I ever found time to work when I had a job. ;^) Yes, I've heard of GoBack, but never used it. I totally gave up on Norton's programs. They bury themselves too deeply into the operating system, and are always in your face about something or other. It has to tell you something, when they have to write their own special Norton Removal Tool to get all the hooks, from their software, out of your operating system!! Later, El_Abuelo
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    Restore to a Different Computer with BackOn Track 3

    OK, Dave, the search worked today. Yes, I thought backup programs were a secondary product for Roxio. I have used BackUp My PC for years, and I think it changed ownership three times since I started using it. I still have BUMP 7, which came on my HP Pocket Media Drive, and it is a pretty good file backup program. HP now uses HP SureStore backup on their Pocket Media Drives, and of course, it is a file backup program. One of my reasons for wanting a good image backup program is that my Vista OS on PC1 has become corrupted. Unfortunately the HP Recovery package does not have the capability of just doing a refresh of the operating system, without destroying the installed programs and user data. So my plan is to rebuild my volume C: on PC2, (using a fresh copy of the OS), install my programs on it, migrate the user data from PC1 to it, back it up and restore it to PC1. That is the only way I see to do this. Perhaps you may have some suggestions or words of wisdom? Well, how about that? I just had a gut feel that you were an IBMer. I went to Poughkeepsie in 1965 and worked in System Test on the 360/50 system. I was there for 18 months, then went to Endicott, for a month, to get my Basic Training. We lived in a 36 ft. trailer, in Melvin Whistle's trailer court, up in the Nanticoke "Nannie Goat" Valley. So, yes, I am a bit familiar with the area. What did you do at IBM? El_Abuelo
  4. el_abuelo

    Restore to a Different Computer with BackOn Track 3

    Well, I had refrained from stating which image backup program that I bought, because this is the Roxio community, and I did not want to step on anyone's toes too badly. But since you say you use Acronis, you have made my day, because I just paid for my Acronis True Image, with a bargain add-on of the Acronis Plus Package. So far, I really like the Acronis program. One of its main features that I like is the ability to do an incremental backup to a full image backup. I didn't notice any others that had that feature. I gather that you must have taken my posts off of the public board, because I signed in and did a search on my screen name and it did not find my posts. I then went to the link that you sent, and my posts came up. I don't suppose you are an ex-IBMer. I believe you live in that territory; or is it Oswego that is near Endicott? I took my IBM basic training at Endicott. What the heck are you doing providing tech. support for Roxio, when you use other brand-x products? ;^) el_abuelo
  5. el_abuelo

    Restore to a Different Computer with BackOn Track 3

    I thought I had better get back to you on this BOT3 saga. I created another Backup of PC1, using BOT3, and attempted a Restore that Backup to PC2. It ran to within about five minutes of finishing, and died with, "A failure has occurred. Disaster Recovery cannot continue. Please remove any discs and click Finish Button to restart your computer." So much for reliable PC to PC Restoration with BOT3! Next, I attenpted to Restore PC2 with its original data, which I had backed up with BOT3, to a different external drive than was used above. I had managed to successfully Restore PC2, to its original state, with this exact backup set on at least two other occasions. This time, it failed right away, stating that, "... the Backup file is not valid." So much for reliably Restoring a single hard drive with BOT3! At this point, I got online and did a bit of research. I found BOT3's top rated competitor, downloaded the trial version, and installed it. I repeated the same Backup and Restore tests that I had used with BOT3, and all tests succeeded in about a third of the time that it took BOT3. I have requested a refund for my copy of BOT3. I gave it a fair try, but I value my data too much to continue using what I deem to be an unreliable product. Thanks for your help, El_Abuelo
  6. el_abuelo

    Restore to a Different Computer with BackOn Track 3

    Thanks to both of you for your replies. No, I have not tried to restore PC 1 with it's own backup image. I am a bit shaky about doing so, at this point. PC 1 is my main system and I am not ready to put it in jeopardy. I only recently bought BOT, and backed up PC 1, with no errors. Then just for the experience, and to check out BOT, I tried to restore the PC 1 image to PC 2, and it fails. I then restored PC 2 with the factory image that came with PC 1, (Just so everything was identical between the two PCs.) Then I backed up the PC 2 image, and restored it to PC 2, using BOT, and that worked just fine. I keep an my backups on an external hard drive, and store it offsite. So I wanted to know what would happen if, say, the house burned down, and I had to restore my backup to a new computer, using my BOT backup. I say that it should work, if it was programmed correctly. BTW, I tried the failing restore with "Verify" checked, as well as unchecked, and it fails either way. Thanks folks, El_Abuelo
  7. I have recently purchased BackOn Track 3. I also have two identical HP a6120n PCs. BOT works fine for B/U & Restore on the same computer. However, when I tried to restore a backup from PC 1 to PC 2, BOT fails after clearing all the files from the target HDD. It states that, "The selected backup file is not valid." Can someone tell me why this happens, and whether there is a workaround available? Thanks.