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  1. Thanks. Normally, I'd agree and get a card for this project (the camcorder records to a mini DV tape). The problem I'm having is that the software already recognized and imported video via the USB in Plug & burn mode. Not sure why it did there, but won't allow me to manually capture.
  2. I agree...firewire would be best, but I've use the USB in the past without issue. This laptop doesn't have a firewire port, so USB it is. MyDVD will recognize and capture from this via USB, just not all of it. I'd prefer to capture and then edit the video file myself, but can't seem to get the software to recognize the camcorder in video capture mode. As I mentioned, it found it in plug and play mode (which I wanted to try for expedience's sake). Anyway to get it to recognize it?
  3. Hi all! I apologize of there's another thread about this, but I didn't see anything directly relevant. I have a Panasonic DV camcorder that I connect via USB. Shortly after installing MyDVD Lab, I tried to run the Plug and burn option and, by the 3rd try, it appeared to work. Showed that it was capturing for the duration of the tape, and after I clicked "finish" it burned the project. Problem is this...even though there are allegedly 3 chapters, there was no option for chapter selection on the DVD menu. More importantly, out of a 90 minute tape, only 5 minutes actually made it onto the DVD. I decided that plug and burn, although the primary reason I upgraded, wasn't for me, so I was going to manually capture and edit the video, but when I go to the video capture tab, I only have two options - my webcam and video edit. Neiither is my camcorder. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!