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  1. I contacted online support when first install attempt on Creator NXT4 froze. Followed instructions on support reply to rename & delete various files, then attempted reinstall. Reinstall froze at a different point, iZotope Music & Speech. I sent a reply with current problem with support, but probably won't get a reply until tomorrow. Meanwhile, I need to use software to record something from system for a client TONIGHT! Since my previous versions were uninstalled as instructed, I can't do this! I'm now attempting to uninstall (so I can reload the prior version) but it's been on uninstall for more than an hour now and is NOT uninstalling! Can I try install the previous version without uninstalling the new one that fails to install? Help!!
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    Problems With Install On Windows 7.

    Tried uninstall again, but this time chose the "repair" option on the NXT Pro 4 uninstall page and it worked! Had to also do this with NXT 4 Content uninstall page. What I've tried to use so far seems to be ok.