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    DVD on TV Playback problem

    I just tried it in my neighbor's DVD Player --approx 1.5 years old--and the playback did not freeze.
  2. compsos

    DVD on TV Playback problem

    Thank you for replying. I used VW8 to add photos and video (added original video (AVI, then trimmed it)). Since I am new at this, I knew of no other way to output other than the way I did. So, you are saying that I do not have to create and MPEG first? I will try this, but my MPEG is 5.5GB and my .dmsm is only 2,040kb. How does it work --when I open MyDVD, what file do I open to make ISO from? Also, odd that videos freeze at same point during playback on TV--at least the first one did & I went no further until figure this out??? In the meantime, I am in the process of re-doing the ISO from MPEG, and will burn to different brand of media. I used a Sony DVD-RW disc the first time. I have some Memorex. Also, I am hoping to try in my neighbor's DVD player tonight. Thanks.
  3. compsos

    DVD on TV Playback problem

    More information: The original video I made the video clips from had audio in them from the company who did the conversion from 8mm films. I am not adding any aditional audio in my production. Could this cause any problems if they do? I am not sure how to remove the audio. Remember, DVD plays fine in Windows Media Player and the audio is there. No audio plays on DVD playback on TV
  4. compsos

    DVD on TV Playback problem

    Question: I will recreate the ISO because as I understand -if I can preview the ISO w/o problems, it is likely going to be OK after the Copy to DVD?? I did not preview my ISO before. Also, I only have 1 DVD player to test this in, could it be my DVD Player - it's probably 4 years old.
  5. I created a DVD using MPEG (Output from VW8), then using MYDVD8, burned first as ISO then copied/burned to a DVD disc. The disc plays in my computer's DVD drive using Windows Media player. However, in the DVD player for my TV, it freezes within the video clips. If I push PAUSE then PLAY, it resumes. I can get it to freeze at the same points on second playback. What could cause this? Thanks
  6. compsos

    MyDVD - Do not want menu

    I opened MyDVD8 and I have the default "My Menu" showing. If I go to DVDMenu>Delete menu I get message "cannot delete root menu". I am not finding the "no menu" on the drop down. I do in DVDExpress fine "DVD without menus". Where exactly do you mean? Thanks
  7. compsos

    MyDVD - Do not want menu

    I have an MPEG I created using Videowave (VW). I then Burned this as an ISO image using MyDVD. I then used Disc Copier to burn ISO image to my DVD disc. However, I cannot figure out how to eliminate the "My Menu" within MyDVD. I want my DVD to open with the first panel I added in VW, I do not want menus. When I did my small test file, I was in VW, then Burned to MY DVD Express" and was able to "Burn DVD without menus" there. Now I am doing the ISO method and do not seem to have that option. Thanks!
  8. compsos

    Project Expected File Sizes

    Thank you very much for this information! I'll try these things and see what happens. Confusion is in saving the VideoWave Project (dmsm) and the breaking the project into smaller segments. MyDVD must allow adding these segements? Right now I am creating a 6.5GB MPEG output from VW--this is what took about 2 hours, then using MyDVD to make ISO(haven't done yet). In my first test of 500MB Mpeg, I just burned directly to DVD disc but think I should do the ISO route in MyDVD this time. One more question. I am clipping a 1-2GB AVI video file to make the clips. The clips only last an average of 30seconds - max at 1.5 minutes. Should I be compressing these clips after I make them? Thanks again!! Thanks again!
  9. compsos

    Project Expected File Sizes

    Hi, Custom build: WinXP Pro, P4 2.4Ghz, 512MB RAM. ATI Videocard 64MB RAM. I realize this is probably way under spec. I have the possibilty of moving this project to a much faster computer. I build and sell & troubleshoot them for a living... The project is probably a one time thing for me but need it for parents anniversary party in 2 weeks. I am more concerned about project file sizes at this point as I want this to fit on 1 DVD. Thanks
  10. I am new to EMC 8 so I have very little to compare in my experience for this question other than a few small test projects. I am wanting to create a DVD to play on TV of family photos & video. I am working in Videwave 8 adding .jpg files and small video clips. I have used approximately 250 panels of which less than 20 are video clips. FYI, the video clips came from using the video trimmer of a TS_video DVD (8mm films converted by other company) & then I converted that to .AVI using Disc Copier, inserted the .AVi file as panel & 'Adjust duration' of it to get video clip. I am having trouble adding more transitions past panel # 75. It is very slow for each insert, then after 3-5 inserts, Videowave closes without an error message & I lose my work. I tried saving after each transition, but it takes about 1-2 minutes for Save to complete. The total lenth of the production is 1 hour 40 minutes. So I decided to make sure I could create an MPEG from Videowave output. Output to DVD, MPEG, etc...This took approx 2 hours and I ended up with a 6.5GB MPEG file. Is this normal???? I then plan to use MyDVD to make the DVD. However, the max size file on a double layer DVD (which I do not own) is 8GB-right? So how will this ever fit, especially on larger projects? Should I be compressing more -- if so, how? And will this speed up working with the file to add all transitions?? Thanks
  11. compsos

    Output from Videowave

    I am a EMC newbie attempting to create a DVD for playback on DVD players connected to TVs or built-in. I am using Videowave to add photos and video clips. The video that I made clips from originally came from a TS_Video folder (VOB fies) that I used Disc Copier to create AVI files from. I then trimmed the AVI file using Video Trimmer. I am doing a test output on a Production that is made of 4 photos and (1) 1:30 (one minute 30 second)video clip. Total duration of production is 2 minutes 3 seconds. In Videowave I chose the "output as" icon in the Preview window. Destination=Video file; Purpose = DVD Playback; Video file quality= MPEG-2 for DVD,best quality; File Name=whatever. I then clicked "create Video file" in the Output box. A "render" screen popped up showing progress of creating an MPEG file. The progress bar has gone to completion but after 25 minutes it still shows zeros for the "completed" and is just sitting there. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I am new to EMC8. I trimmed an AVI file using MyDVD>Adjust Duration method. I now have 17 video clips in a MyDVD Project. Is it possible to get these clips into Videowave as 17 clips also? My ultimate goal is to combine these clips with photos for a family DVD. I am a little confused on the difference between Videowave & MyDVD. But it looks like Videowave is what I should be using. I just do not want to have to edit/trim these videos again. Please advise on how to get the clips into Videowave --if that is the part of the suite I should use. Thanks!
  13. compsos

    How to Convert VOB files

    I had a company convert 8mm films to DVD. I was provided 2 DVDs that contain IFO, BUP & VOB files. The VOB files are 1, 048,018KB each and there are (6) of them. All files are located in a TS_Video folder. The DVDs play in Windows Media Player. However I need to play them in Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 and extract portions of each VOB file that can be part of a slideshow that has regular photos too. There is no audio with these files. 1. What are the files that I received, ie what is an IFO file, etc??? 2. I have read that you can change the VOB filetype to an AVI then play it. Is that all I have to do? 3. Is there another software package to do the conversion before editing in Roxio?? 4. Once Roxio can "play them", what part of the suite do I use to extract portions of video for the slideshow? Thanks!