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  1. Thanx, Brendon, I just heard that WIN 7 comes with its own CD/DVD burning softwear! Is this correct? Lida
  2. How about Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Deluxe Suite. Says compatible with Vista. Could it be installed and upgraded to WIN 7? Thanx for your help, Lida :-)
  3. I have Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition, Version: 2.0.4, Build: 2.4.32a, which came bundled with my Dell XPS 410 computer purchased in 2007. I'm upgrading shortly to Windows 7, and wonder if it will be compatible with Windows 7? Does anyone know or has anyone used it with Windows 7? Thanx, Lida :-)
  4. Thanx, Brendon - You're never too old to learn - trite, but true! Appreciate your fine advice. Cordially, Lida
  5. Hi Brendon and Skinis! Nowhere in the options of the Roxio Creator LE softwear does it claim you have to leave "empty space" on a CD or DVD in order to finalize it. This is news to me! It would be nice if they would tell you in their instructions! FYI, there was 13 MB left on this DVD, but it still wouldn't finalize. As to your question as to "why finalize", Skinis, I am told that unless you finalize your CDs and DVDs, you can't play them on some other computers or DVD Players. and I wouldn't want this to occur, particularly if I purchased a new computer, and needed to replace this important data on the new puter! I don't understand the reason for having to leave space on a CD or DVD in order to finalize it. These are just straight DVD-R's and CD-R's. Thought the idea of purchasing this type of media was to use it!!! The application used to finalize this DVD-R disk was the Roxio Creator LE burning softwear which has a "finalize" option. This is very bad news, as all of my data CDs and DVDs have been filled, and according to what you guys are saying, are now unfinalizable. Hey! I had no way of knowing that Roxio Creator LE from Dell is a lousy burning program...it came with my computer and has always worked fine up until now! Lida
  6. Hi folks, I tried to finalize a data DVD today for the first time, and got an error message that "there is not enough space left on this DVD to finalize it"! I thought the idea was to fill the DVD, and then finalize it! Therefore, I am totally flumoxed. Does anyone know how I can get past this error message, to finalize my DVD's, as necessary? Thanx, Lida