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    Cd Spin Doctor - Audio Capture Support Won't Install

    Thanks, Guru. I'm going to capture it with WireTap and see what happens. I may use CD Spin Doctor to edit it.
  2. TonyInSF

    Cd Spin Doctor - Audio Capture Support Won't Install

    I can run CD Spin Doctor, but the menu for VOCAL vs. CD vs. DVD is all greyed out. I get to a point and can't continue because the OK or CONTINUE buttons are greyed out. I tried deleting the .plist files from the System Library and User Preferences but that didn't help. It just says "Installation Failed - Contact the software manufacturer". I will see if I can find some other application. Too bad, though. I liked the interface and was used to the editing and equalization functions, etc.
  3. I haven't used CD Spin Doctor in awhile, but I have an audio recording that I'm trying to capture and most of the menus are greyed out and not available. When I try to install Audio Capture Support the installation fails. I'm on a MacBook Pro running 10.7.5.
  4. TonyInSF

    Mac2tivo Not Responding

    Well, it's stopped working for me again. Mac2TiVo appears to be running and I can stop and start the server, but the RXTivoServer app won't run. It seems to launch for a split second, ask me if I want to allow it to accept incoming network connections, but quits before I can even answer.
  5. TonyInSF

    Mac2tivo Not Responding

    Force quit Mac2TiVo, then go into the Activity Monitor and force quit the process called RXTivoServer. Relaunch Mac2TiVo. That worked for me.
  6. Another possible tip for Snow Leopard users. I'm still trying to resolve the aspect ratio problem, but when I tried to copy some sample movies from my MacBook Pro to my TiVo, no files showed up (again). Rather than do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Toast, I simply force quit the Mac2Tivo program and then went into the Activity Monitor and force quit a process called RXTivoServer. Then, when I relaunched Mac2TiVo, it worked fine. Regarding the aspect ratio issue, Mac2TiVo only converts videos to MPEG2 on the fly and doesn't change the aspect ratio. So far, all of the lo-res movies that I've uploaded to my TiVo are up-res'd to 720 x 480, which is an aspect ratio of 3x2 or 1.5. Therefore, on a widescreen 16x9 (1.78) display, they all appear slightly letterboxed and stretched horizontally. That, to me, appears to be the issue, but I think it might be a TiVo issue, not a Roxio issue. An aspect ratio of 1.5??? Whose idea that that? Roxio's last suggestion was converting everything to MPEG2 before transferring, but I haven't had time to try that yet. I'm going to try to attach a PDF of examples that may be useful to those experiencing the same problem. Letter2Roxio.pdf
  7. For anyone still monitoring this thread, I got Mac2TiVo to work in Snow Leopard by doing a complete uninstall and reinstall: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000098TT&PARAMS=set-locale=en Roxio recommended this and it worked for me. Suggestion: Have your TiVo media key and Roxio key handy! I'm still getting incorrect aspect ratios for movies that aren't full HD (1920x1080)
  8. I'm having the same problem (with the wrong aspect ratios) but it's kinda moot since I can't transfer anything since upgrading to Snow Leopard.
  9. TiVo transfer has worked flawlessly until today. Even earlier today, I successfully transferred an episode of "Breaking Bad" from my Series 2 HD TiVo to my Macintosh Blackbook without a hitch. I recorded the last 30 minutes of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" on the ABC Family Channel just now, but when I try to transfer it, it seems to start for a second or two, and just stops. No error messages or anything. Is there some sort of copy protection thing going on? Doh! I fixed it myself, but it wasn't obvious. In case anyone else has the same problem.... I started to watch it on my TV (to make sure that it had recorded) and paused it. It wouldn't transfer to my Mac until I stopped playing it on the TiVo and went back to a different TiVo menu.