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  1. Currently broken. Im sticking with 10.6.x for now on my main computer. It tries to launch, but icon at top wont stay up there and hard to reopen after. Nothing will drag in or add to the list to share. Total broke just like when 10.5 came out. I only tested with Toast 10 (latest build) but this program seems identical to one in Popcorn 3 and I only assume Popcorn 4 and Toast 11. Any other news? TIps? Suggestions? ETA FIX? PS: Tivo has no clue its broke. I asked. Yay 3rd Party support for major feature of device. (ie TiVo Premiere.
  2. DennisToast

    Os X Lion And Popcorn 4

    Anyone test if Mac2Tivo works? Seems its the one that suffered with the update of OS. Anyone actually try it? (Ive posted in Toast 10 & 11 about Mac2Tivo, need definite answer) Thanks.
  3. DennisToast

    Toast 11 And Os X 10.7 Lion

    Does it work? 10 has issues with Mac2Tivo so I may have to upgrade to use Lion. I personally confirmed this. Anyone else? Any idea? Specifically on TiVo part.
  4. DennisToast

    Toast 10 And Lion

    In other thread on same subject... latest build of 10... Tivo Transfer works just fine. But Mac2Tivo does not. Its totally broken.
  5. DennisToast

    Toast 10.0.8 And Lion

    I decided to install Lion on my Macbook not my iMac... so I can test Toast 10 (latest version). Mac2Tivo is BROKEN. It will launch, but will not add folders and will not stay in menu as active program. Also my TiVo does not see it. Tivo Transfer worked just fine, but back when Leopard came out and I was posting here, this was exactly same case. Also, Toast 10 appears to work, I haven't done anything else. My main roadblock has occurred. So, ROXIO SUPPORT... any chance any patches? I plan on researching Toast 11 now, just in case.
  6. DennisToast

    Toast 10.0.8 And Lion

    Checking before upgrading TODAY. Last major update (Leopard) I went without support for 6 monthes with promises. I dont want Toast, ESPECIALLY Tivo software to break. Anyone?
  7. I have had rounds and rounds with TiVo support. But nothing has worked. Here is the situation: I been a Mac, Toast, and TiVo user for years. Currently on an iMac 27" all updated, Apple Time Capsule all newest firmware, Toast 10.0.7 clean install/fresh and 3 TiVos. My 3+ year old TiVo series 2 dual and single tuner model work perfect, have since day I had Popcorn and then Toast. My brand new TiVo Premier will not work with Mac2Tivo. I have been working on this issue for over 3-4 weeks. Remember, both the other TiVos work fine. My Premier sees the Mac2Tivo share, and the other TiVo units. I can use TiVoTransfer without any issues. I can transfer from TiVo to TiVo without any issues. I can even transfer a file from Mac to TiVo series 2 then over to TiVo Premier without problem. Yes, Ive clean installed latest copy of Toast scrubbing all the leftover files. Yes, I've rebooted my router, modem, TiVo, and Mac multiple times. The TiVo P works fine with Netflix, YouTube, other TiVos and even once I tried the Tivo photo and music share program and it worked perfect too. (its now not running, was only a test). ...I thought it could be a format issue or codec thing. So I downloaded a sample of 10 different codecs from MPG2 to Divx to VCD... all work fine and transfer and play on TiVo S2, but not Tivo P. Even though I can transfer them from Tivo S2 to the P. I'm going round and round. Nothing. TiVo support keeps emailing me quick answers that makes me wonder if they even read the posts. Help me community, your my only hope ... and thank you.
  8. DennisToast

    TiVo Premier & Mac2TiVo

    Thank you. I wish ROXIO knew that, sure would save me time.
  9. DennisToast

    TiVo Premier & Mac2TiVo

    So is it confirmed that no one has got it to work? Cause Roxio and TiVo keep saying it will?? I literally hate new stuff lately haha, I had so many issues with 10.6 and now new TiVo. I just want confirmation that NO one has had it work