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    Weird name when asked to "Personalize Your Copy"

    I very much appreciate you trying to give me some ideas.... I got the answer though. My own silliness. (I had posted this in MacWorld's forum, and am pasting part of my reply here too). My brother had put his copy of an older version of Toast on a CD (copied it from his Applications folder) and ran it on my Mac. THAT'S where it got that name from. When the old App. was ran from the disc, it still created a Preference file. And, that pref. file was still there when I migrated my old user to my new Mac. Thus, it pulled that name as the default 'name' when installing mine [i wasn't going to use his... I just wanted to know if that version would work on Leopard/Snow Leopard or not. I went ahead and purchased version 9, because it was sufficient for me, and cheaper than v10]. SILLY ME. I didn't even think that there may be a preference file that would have been copied over. But, everything is OK. Thanks.
  2. JimPM

    Weird name when asked to "Personalize Your Copy"

    No, it was a brand new Mac (2009 model), I got in February or March. I did a Migration of my old user account, but I had never seen anything like that. I thought it was something with my Toast 9 CD, but when I tested it elsewhere (Mac Mini with Tiger, and one with Leopard), it pulled the correct "user name". Why it said "Trubble925" is puzzling, and kind of makes me concerned. I don't know where it would have "pulled" that from.
  3. I purchased the retail boxed version of Toast 9 and copied the files from the CD to my Applications folder (non admin user). When I ran it for the first time, and got to the screen that said "Please Personalize Your Copy of Toast", the "name" field said "Trubble925" instead of my name. Weird... Where did that come from? I am running OS X 10.6.3. I continued with the installer and also ran the updated 9.0.7a... Everything looks normal. I decided to text both the CD (9.0.1 I think) and the downloaded 9.0.7a "updater" on another Mac, just to see what the "Please Personalize Your Copy..." part said for "Name", and it was my name.... so it was correct [i cancelled without entering my serial, just in case you were wondering]. Is this a Snow Leopard glitch?? I am kind of concerned here... The other Mac I tried it on was running Tiger. Thanks for your input. Jim