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  1. An hour or so into Encoding an HD video for burning on a DVD with the Toast Blu-Ray plug in - I get the error - ..." can't proceed with burning the disc, error with Source Material. Error code - 18711" The tech support of Roxio (in the Phillipines) doesn't have an answer - they have no list of errors. They just can't say " I don't know". Does anyone here know what it means - and how to solve the problem, so I can get back to work? (3 days of thrashing on this) -R

    Previewing Blu-Ray Video DVD

    Despite my rant towards the lack of Roxio support - I have to agree with WayneH and his suggestion. Build a slide show in iPhoto or fotomagico or even iMovie - but don't do it inside Toast unless you just have to. -- Toast is very good for taking the finished slide show (as a QuickTime Movie) and burning it to DVD or iPhone or Apple TV etc. -R

    Previewing Blu-Ray Video DVD

    Unfortunately - TOAST (which really has been a stellar product for years) and Roxio - which is now owned by Sonic Solutions (see sonic.com) - and since they are NOT the founders of creators of Toast, they just bought it and milk it. They have off loaded their tech support to consumers (on Toast) - to a company overseas... and I had the EXACT same experience with TOTALLY UNPREPARED and untrained phone "support people". They lied so much that on my third call they asked me to hold while they found the phone number for Boinx to let me contact them about Fotomagico interaction with Toast. (sold as a bundle) -- and you know what these brilliant folks that Sonic has hired did? - they tried to give me (after 20 minutes wait) - the actual "main" phone number for Apple Inc. at 1 Infiinite Loop. I worked at Apple for 10 years - and knew the number immediately. THEY DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWERS - just baby basics. Tell your friends and colleagues - if they want TOAST and SUPPORT - it's best to start looking in other places. The user group here is the ONLY help I've found. Take that for what it is worth. -Rob

    Toast Error code -18711 What does it mean?

    ACTUALLY - you got the code correct - I was wrong - it is (minus sign) -18771 NOTHING I DO WILL LET ME FINISH ENCODING - except create a disc image and then burn the disk image - which MAKES A DATA DISC not a Blu-Ray disc I can just insert and play. IDEAS? ANYONE ?

    Does Toast 10 support 1920x1080?

    I have a extremely frustrating problem with Toast and Blu-Ray - in that I create an HD Movie in Fotomagico and compress it to H.264 etc. - and then give it to Toast 10 Pro to make a Blu-Ray disc on a regular DVD. With that preamble - my problem is that Toast will "Encode" for a while and just as it's about to finish (a hour later) - it pops up with an error window - "Couldn't burn disc because of problem with Source Material" - error -18711 I even upgraded to Fotomagico's latest version along with Toast updates - and still no joy. I spent 3 hours on the phone with tech support at Roxio - in the Phillipines - and they didn't even know you could burn a Blu-Ray disc and did not solve the problem. Do YOU have ANY clues how to get consistent performance from Toast with Blu-Ray burning? Robert