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    AVI to DVD

    WOW unbelievable. Nothing is this easy... surely something bad will happen. But, as you said, I quickly dl perian, installed the plist as directed, re-opened Toast, added the files, pushed record, insterted DVD, and it's off and running! THANKS! Like I said.... expectations though still include SOMETHING to go wrong. >
  2. gritchie

    AVI to DVD

    Alright I just tried this, which is what I did before, only to have this error message appear. (I'm now so I can quote it!) "(Six) files were not added because the required codes are missing (XVID)." Does this mean anything to you or anyone?
  3. gritchie

    AVI to DVD

    Hello - I've been loving Toast 10 and have a new task I'm hoping it can perform. I have some AVI video files on my computer that I'd like to burn to DVD. Can Toast 10 help me with this? I'm sorry if this has already been posted. If so, maybe someone could direct me to a link or thread. Much thanks, Gregg