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    Button Highlight Issue

    Because for some reason nothing in EMC-10 would run. It would pretend to open, but never actually open. I did re-install it again today and now everything runs perfectly and disc burning from EMC-10 worked as well. Though I would still like to figure out why the button highlight does what it does in MyDVD. The project would be approximately 220minutes. If I use HQ my project no longer fits on the disc. I have never had any trouble with the hardware render mode before so I'm not sure why I would have one now. I would provide you with my system specs, but I'm not sure where to acquire the information regarding the video specs that you want.
  2. Zanthia

    Button Highlight Issue

    I'm burning to an 8.5GB DVD on the EP setting. According to the Used/Time Remaining bar, the time remaining is 2:11:11. The rendering I have set is "Hardware" not "Software". I assume that the "unlimited" version is included with either Easy Media Creator 10 or Creator 2010. I have EMC-10 however, when I re-installed it on my machine none of the applications run. Since I primarily use the MyDVD program I purchased MyDVD 10 Premier.
  3. I purchased, downloaded, and successfully installed MyDVD 10 Premier. I built the DVD and burned the DVD just fine. However, when I put the disc in my DVD player the highlight for the button was very, very off to the left. As you can see from the screen shots below (pictures of the highlighting for the first three movie buttons), it does not match up at all. How do I get the highlight to line up with the button? #1 #2 #3