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    No #$^@ Menu!

    This problem has occurred now on several occasions – not all the time, just on occasion. It’s driving me crazy! I set up my video projects with menus and several chapters. And then I burn it. After 2 hours of waiting it beeps and it’s done. BUT THERE’S NO #$^@ MENU! And all three chapters have been stuck end-on-end into one long chapter! What’s causing this?
  2. Rob Christiansen

    Back Up Software

    Ok. That I see. Thanks for showing me. But how do I tell it to just backup creator 2011 – just what I would need to restore, should my creator fail?
  3. Rob Christiansen

    Back Up Software

    I have Creater 2011 pro. I have windowsXP, home edition. I have a 2 TB external hard drive. I want to back up my Creater 2011 software. Please send instructions.
  4. Rob Christiansen

    Sound Is Too Slow

    I play disc image files stored on my computer via VLC or Windows media Player, and the speed is fine. I play DVDs (Commercial or Home-burned, VLC or Windows media Player or your CinPlayer) through the ROM drive and the speed is too slow. However, I burn DVDs and CDs in the ROM drive and everything seems to work fine.
  5. Rob Christiansen

    Sound Is Too Slow

    I have Creater 2011 pro. I play a DVD in the ROM drive through Roxio Cineplayer, and the sound is too slow – probably only 95% the speed that it should be. Any idea what’s causing this? Do I need additional drivers or codecs or something?
  6. I recently bought Creater 2011 pro. I have an external DVD player, that I normally play through my TV. But now I want to play through my computer (better picture). OK, yes, I have an RCA-to-USB cord. I capture video off the external DVD player that way. And I can even watch it, though the picture is real small. So now I got the "Pro." I see on the first screen, under video/movies, where there is an option to "play movies." I click that and I get Roxio Cineplayer. I "open" USB VIDEO DEVISE --- but I get nothing. What’s wrong? How can I play my DVD player through Creater 2011 pro?