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    Disc Spanning without file splitting?

    I would go along with this option as restoring takes a lot longer than just copying the files from the disk.
  2. easternherp

    Copy options gives me spinning ball

    You're not alone in the copy window freezing. I have the same problem on my 20" Intel iMac. Sometimes if a dvd or cd is in the drive already or a disk image is mounted and I select the copy option then I get the spinning beach ball. If I select the copy option first then mount the disk or image then it is ok. You could try this
  3. easternherp

    Applescripting to make a disk image?

    You could try the applescript forums.
  4. easternherp

    New Imac user and New Toas user please help

    I too have had problems with Motion pictures and usually it ends up being a dodgy image or sound file. Photo to Movie looks good but is from the same developer as Motion pictures so that doesn' fill me with confidence to buy the main program.
  5. easternherp

    Slow burning in Toast 8

    I have noticed that the burn speeds are slower, or at least that is what Toast is telling me but I haven't ran a time trial yet between 7 and 8.
  6. easternherp

    Very Disappointed That 10.3.9 users are out in the cold

    Roxio aren't the first to only support 10.4, Adobe, Quark etc are the same in that they don't support 10.3.9 and haven't done for a year now.
  7. easternherp

    Toast 8 crashes when using video preview

    I have had the same problem. Only tried a couple of Video folders but the app will keep crashing like yours did.
  8. easternherp

    Toast 8 doesn't launch on PowerMac G4

    This may sound daft but I take it you are running 10.4.8 or higher and not 10.3
  9. easternherp

    Toast 8

    Seems a bit off again. Us long standing users should get a better deal than that to upgrade. I too will have to think long and hard beofre I shell out the £££'s
  10. easternherp

    Fonts in Toast 7.1.2, well lack of.

    Mine only came to light when I upgraded to the latest version but I also changed my font manager and this is what has caused it as it moved all non essential fonts out of the system folder where toast was looking for them. As soon as I turned them back on it was ok.
  11. easternherp


    I get the same errors when I try to log in to download the updates. I can log in to these discussions no prob, just the main site to download the updates. IE woks fine but not Safari.
  12. easternherp

    Data Spanning Feature Improvement Request

    I thought this had been adressed in 7.1, perhpas i'm wrong.
  13. easternherp

    How important is to set bunring to...

    The button is used to show you how much space your files are taking up on each of the different media. It doesn't make a difference if you burn a cd and have DVDDL selected as it is only a guide to space.
  14. easternherp

    Fonts in Toast 7.1.2, well lack of.

    I thought it was just me. Can Roxio tell us what fonts are need for the various layouts so that I can turn them on.
  15. easternherp

    Uprading to Toast 7.12

    I have found out my problem. I was using Safari and it didn't want to play ball properly. Tried IE and it worked. You would have thought that Roxio would have made their site MAC compatible.