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  1. the photo story 3 i've had and it's working fine. i can view my slideshows on windows media player perfectly. my problem is with the sonic dvd for photostory that i bought from roxio earlier today so that i can now burn a slideshow to a dvd. when the window pops up from sonic to make the dvd, i can't access any of the choices... the window stays grey and i can't get my curser inside. need direction, please. thank you.
  2. yes, photo story 3 for windows... not sure if those #s after it are the same...
  3. i bought and installed the dvd for photo story. during the install, i got a message saying that i need to get updates at www.microsoft.com/directx/homeuser/downloads/default.asp. i went there and there are literally PAGES and PAGES of things i could download... i have no idea what i need. so, i tried created a dvd w/o doing the update. photostory gives me the option for saving my story for playback on home dvd player, i select that, but then after the story is "built" and the "create a DVD" window pops up, i can not click in any of the spaces to name the dvd title, chose a drive, select a write speed, etc. i am at a total loss and really need direction! thank you so much!