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  1. I have installed the Hotfix for Label printing. I have exhausted the Knowledge Base and all discussion threads. I have just purchased Creator 8 and am unable to print labels for CD's. When I installed the Hotfix, I opened the Commercial label option in Printing a label and found only the selections for A4 pages, NO other options. I have searched the data folder on my hard drive and found Memorex Disc.jwp but when I try to get Label Creator to open this file it says it is unable to do so. The paper I want to use is the off-set two label up Memorex CD label stickers. How do I get the Label Creator to print in the style I want? Unfortunately when I loaded this new program I removed all parts of Roxio Media Creator 6 and since the reason I purchased 8 is because I couldn't find my Product disc I can't reload Label Creator 6 again. Why isn't there a REAL fix for this and why won't Support do anything about this?