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  1. Just looking for some opinions. I have used Creator for years, just for family/friend type of things. Now, I am working with a youth football league, and I have these grand plans for working with video. The music type videos I have a lot of experience with, but I would like to start making "SportsCenter" type highlight reels - overdub commentary, spot shadows, professional looking score graphics, slow motion/reverse/fast motion, and so on. My biggest problem with Creator has been knowing exactly what I can do with it. I was on Navy Nuclear Subs for 12 years, and I became very accustomed to doing things with a book. The lack of a comprehensive manual kills me. So I am hoping you guys/gals can tell me...is Creator Pro 12 all I need, or is it worth it to go up. I guess it is even possible that I should look at a totally different program to do the things I want to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am attempting to pull my daughter's performance off of a dance recital DVD. Conviently, all of the different acts are set up as chapters. I was able to access the DVD and click on the appropriate chapter. It took what seemed like forever as it "cached the title". When I pressed the green go button, no status bar came up, and it seemed like it was done. I tried this twice, once to a folder and once straight to iTunes, and it did not work either time. Any ideas? Also, I have converted some files for use on my iTouch. Once, I selected the iTouch as the desired format, and it worked great. Every time after that, when I select the iTouch, and then try to load it on the device, it says that my ipod doesn't support the format. I had to go back and select the ipod classic as the utput. Not sure what gives.