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    No audio on avi converted DVD

    Thank you tsantee. That fixed the problem completely. You know, I've been looking over all the posts for Popcorn 4 and you, tsantee have answered many queries and given much advice to many people, BUT ONLY ONE PERSON OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HELPED EVER THANKED YOU. Come on guys, if you want to get support like this from a fellow Popcorn user (not a Roxio employee), you need to show a bit more appreciation. It doesn't take much to say "Thank You"; and remember, it's the only payment he will get for all the experience and knowledge he brings to these user forums. So on behalf of all the people who DIDN"T say it to you ... THANK YOU TSANTEE !!!! Regards ... Mike Williams
  2. MikeWill99

    No audio on avi converted DVD

    When copying a DVD movie disk, Popcorn 4 gives perfect results, but when converting an AVI file to DVD and burning to a DVD, I have no sound. The same thing happens with Toast 10. Video is OK but no audio. Tried on different AVI files, all converted with no sound. Other programs can convert the AVI file with sound, but not Popcorn 4 or Toast 10. Why? HELP!!