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  1. wjhanson

    Adobe Flash Player

    I have Windows 10. When trying to upload new photoshow to my online acct, message that i must install Adobe Flash player but I already have it on computer. How do I upload new photoshow?
  2. I have Windows 10 and know I can't make DVD.  Can you still order DVD of show and if so, how much does it cost.  Also I have them downloaded on computer.  How do I make wmv or mpg2 file?  Thanks,

  3. wjhanson

    Unable To Burn Cd - Creator 2011 Under Windows 10

    Sorry, it is a DVD I am trying to make using desktop version of Roxio Photoshow..Ver 6.1.0, build 2. I have Windows 10. I don't get an error message it just doesn't do anything. I was able to capture one photoshow and make a DVD with another program but now that doesn't work. Corel help has tried everything but nothing works. So do you think they will fix the program to work with 10. It worked fine with Win 7.
  4. wjhanson

    Photoshow Bit 32 Vs Bit 64

    I bought new Photoshow (downloaded and Disc) and just noticed my computer is bit 64 and the program is 32. Would that cause issues?
  5. wjhanson

    Unable To Burn Cd - Creator 2011 Under Windows 10

    yes I checked and the DVD burner drivers are up to date. I uninstalled and reinstalled also. I was able to export video file and make a DVD using another program but not Roxio program.
  6. wjhanson

    Blank Places When Deleting Pictures

    How do you recommend we fix once the blank spots are there. Can I delete those pics and "add" them again or would that make any difference.
  7. wjhanson

    Blank Places When Deleting Pictures

    Using the desktop version. I have downloaded and made DVD using another program with no problem. Using desktop version. I have contacted Corel and gone thru about 6 attempts to resolve with no solution. I have uninstalled and redownloaded program. Do you know what makes the blank spots on the photoshow. It may be where I deleted a picture not sure. Thanks,
  8. wjhanson

    Adding Music To Premium Photoshow

    I am able to add music from my ITunes (and change to mp3) but when I added one song, 2 picture spots went blank and the music won't play. dxdiag attached. All songs and pictures play fine up until that point than it stops. I have redone the song with same results. Thank you DxDiag.txt
  9. When I delete a picture, there is a blank space in the photoshow and the music will not go forward. Thanks for any help. I have Win10. Also, has the program been fixed to enable users to make a DVD?
  10. Have Roxio Creator 11. Have made many CDs in past. Just upgraded to Windows 10 on HP desktop. Now when trying to burn new CD, get msg that drive is in use by another application. Nothing else is open. Thanks.
  11. wjhanson

    Photoshow Dvd

    I was using the desktop version when I was trying to add photos and make DVD. Later, I did a software update from Roxio help and it solved problem. Pictures uploaded and DVs made in 20 minutes. Thanks.
  12. wjhanson

    Photoshow Dvd

    I too am using Roxio Photoshow 6. It took over 9 hours to upload pics when trying to burn DVD. The music only took a few minutes but then I received error msg that DVD could not be made. I then tried to order DVd of photoshow and received email saying photoshow was on my web acct which I haven't been able to do in yrs. how do you order DVD and how much does it cost?
  13. I have Roxio 11 and Windows 7. I had to uninstall and reinstall program due to DVD issue while using photoshow. Now when I try to record songs from internet using digitize and convert songs, the recording level is too low. I have it on the highest volume but it never gets to the red (clip) as it did before. The songs are then recorded too low. I have Realtek speakers. Thank you.
  14. wjhanson

    Why Does It Take So Long To Burn This Time

    I was making DVD with only 50 photos and music. It took 3 hours for pictures to load and then music loaded OK but got error msg that DVD not successful. I have photoshow 6 and complete Roxio Creator program. I deleted both and reinstalled and same issue. I haven't been able to upload photoshows to my member online page for a long time. Get error msg. 403. Is there a newer version available? Mine is paid until August 2014. Thanks.
  15. wjhanson

    Error Msg

    There is an option in "share photoshow" to upload to online acct. and email. Yes I did update my IE and did make a DVD with no changes. Any other suggestions. I have had this problem for years and have almost given up except that I can make a DVD. Should be able to post online and invite others to view or email as program says. Thanks.