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    Spin Doctor

    I just got Toast 11 in a bundle and I am confused as hell about how to use Spin Doctor. When I went to "help" I get a message saying that there is no help. Is it supposed to auto capture or do I hit record? When does it autodefine? What settings do I use? Having no help is very frustrating. Am I going to have to call Roxio tomorrow to figure all this out? It doesn't seem to work the same way as CD Spin Doctor and I'm ready to tear my hair out.
  2. contessakitty

    Does Spin Doctor Work In Lion

    I just got a new mac and it has Lion. I use Audio Spin Doctor for the CDDB identification, I already have Wire Tap Studio for capturing audio, but now with Spin Doctor it doesn't recognize any song it analyzes anymore and it's frustrating. I just had to spend almost $1,800 on a new laptop, I hope Roxio fixes this because right now I can't afford to run out and buy Toast 11 for $90 when my Toast 10 worked perfectly fine. Does Toast 10 not work with Lion?
  3. contessakitty

    Does Spin Doctor Work In Lion

    Thank you for the sound saver info but does it include CDDB tagging?
  4. contessakitty

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hello, I'm contessakitty and I have Toast 10.0.7. I was told that's the most current. I updated about a week ago and was most excited about using the Audio Capture app in CD Spin Doctor. From the very beginning it was not consistent, I would only get one song recorded after internet streamed music had five songs in a half hour. Sometimes I'd get the full thirty minutes. Suddenly a few moments ago, Audio Capture is no longer an option for me and I am not happy. It was so abrupt. I tried to install Audio Capture Support again and even though it says it was installed successfully again it's not an option. At first I thought it was just a glitch on my laptop. But I saw in this forum, someone was complaining about this same thing. It's not our glitch. It's a glitch in the software. I noticed that the person who posted on June 20 (4 days ago) is still having problems and he got no reply from his latest question. I understand that nothing is perfect, software has issues,etc. What I want to know is: What's going on? Why is it happening? How soon can it be fixed? I think I'm being reasonable. I'm new on this forum so I have no idea how often you're on the forum to respond to complaints or issues. I'm hoping it will be soon. contessakitty
  5. contessakitty

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hello, I followed your instructions and I even restarted my mac. The same thing happened. Either I'm only getting 30 seconds of song or I do it through advanced and I get an error. Should I just reinstall Toast?
  6. contessakitty

    Cd Spin Doctor

    I followed your instructions. I wss able to find everything but com.roxio.hzsystems.CDSpinDoctor.plist and com.roxio.CDSpinDoctor6.plist. Then I restarted my macbook pro. I ran the capture support installer but even thought it's there at first, the CDSD System Audio Capture option vanishes when I try to use the advanced or regular recording assistant window and try to record from there, I get an unable to record error and the CDSD System Audio Capture option is no longer in the input devices.I don't know what to do now. Thanks Contessakitty
  7. contessakitty

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hello, I appreciate that you're taking the time to help me. I tried in the Advanced window as you advised me but I didn't get the CDSD System Audio Capture option as an input device. I did before but not since the option was greyed out. I had the preference of the audio capture on the menu bar but it says drivers not installed, which confuses me because they were installed before. If I try the non advanced Recording Assistance mode I have the option for CDSD System Audio Capture but then I get an error if I try to record. Should I just reinstall the new version? I don't know what to do and it's really frustrating me so any kind of help you can give I'm grateful for. contessakitty