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    Cd Spin Doctor

    Hello everyone. I have always had lots of success importing music in cd spin doctor i.e. cassettes, LP's. i use a MacMini and I tried importing a cassette into the program the other day and it didn't work. I could import it into garage band and the input volume under Sound shows the input volume was working. CD spin doctor shows no signs of the music being imported. Any suggestions?
  2. sp_ceboy

    Music DVD importing music from iTunes

    "I was able to see which file was the culprit by looking inside the Roxio Converted Items folder. The one after the last one written in the folder was the problem." I am not sure what the statement in quotes above means. I don't see any differences with the files in the Roxio converted items folder. I also don't know what "the one after the last one written in the folder was the problem" means? Can you explain what you mean? Many thanks John
  3. sp_ceboy

    Music DVD importing music from iTunes

    I use Toast Titanium 7.1.2 and mac os 10.4.10 I have been trying for days to burn a Music DVD by pulling music in from iTunes. Everything goes perfectly. I can import all the music files in with album artwork. Then I go to burn and all looks good until it is about halfway done. Then it just crashes. I have a MacMini duo core w/ 1gig of ram. I have tried it with my internal dvd burner and my lacie external. Can someone give me some help? I also tried making a dvd video the same way and it crashes as well. The files in iTunes are Kind: MPEG audio file and Format: MPEG 1, Layer 3 Many thanks. John
  4. sp_ceboy

    Automatic Chapters In Dvd

    Hey there everyone. I have become very frustrated about this issue. Whenever I burn an MPEG Toast 7 doesn't automatically add chapters. I only get the one long video but when I use DV format it actually lets me choose how long I want each chapter under the video option but under MPEG not only do I get to choose but I don't even get the markers. Do I need to change a setting?
  5. sp_ceboy

    Mac OS Error Result Code -536870186

    Thanks. Do you or does anyone know how to split dead sections in the recording so that it can be cut? Having a problem cutting out unwanted mistakes an dead record time. All good things. John
  6. Does anyone know how this works. I don't want to keep my projects on the hard drive. I would like to archive for later editing. Can this be done? Many thanks.
  7. sp_ceboy

    Mac OS Error Result Code -536870186

    Tsantee - I wanted to let you know that I did bring the video into quicktime, however, the quality of the recording into quicktime was less to be desired. I know I am working with VHS {analog} but the video quality I get from iMovie and Toast when I bring videos in is much much less pixelated. Do you have any suggestions to get around the pixelated video, which is the outcome from Quicktime? I know I can bring it into toast 7, I've done it several times. By the way, I just wanted to tell you that the fact that you get on here and answer questions is the reason I still continue to use toast 7 so much. I mean it. I really appreciate your help and I know others do too, so, Thanks. John Also, do you know where I can go to get help with spin doctor? Seems like a cool program but I don't understand how to use the editing features. Any suggestions there?
  8. sp_ceboy

    Mac OS Error Result Code -536870186

    Hello everyone. I am trying to record vhs into toast with an ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link {Firewire}. Toast recognizes the Pyro and has recorded with it several times with out any problems. I actually just recorded a minute ago and now it will not. Thanks for any help. John
  9. sp_ceboy

    Importing VHS, DVD While editing to burn to DVD

    Thank you for your answers. I have run into a little problem. When the video was previously recorded on the dvd recorder there were chapter markers put in every five minutes by default. I tried shift clicking each individual file to bring them all in at once but when I go to open them all into streamclip the MPEG files will go but there are these Media Browser files that will not. Also if I pull all the MPEG files in, will they go in in order? John
  10. java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_8') I am so confused. I have been reading advice and trying to implement it but all I find myself doing is purchasing more equipment and software and confused about how to use it. By Monday Midnight I have to Edit record and burn 25 2 hour vhs tapes and 12 dvd+rw discs that came from VHS. I downloaded the MPEG Streamlline and upgraded quicktime $20.00 a can't figure out how to import dvd+rw video into MPEG Streamline. I need a very efficient and very clear video wizard's help. I have been up for 18 hours trying to figure this stuff out. I want to be able to edit while pulling the next video in at the same time. Then I have to make 2 copies of each Here's my setup. Hardware: 1.MacMini Duo Core w/ 1 Gig ram (brand new user) 2. Ads Tech Pyro a/v link analog to dv converter w/ firewire 3.Western Digital External Harddrive 4. VHS Player 5. TrueTech DVD Recorder (stand lone unit, not really reliable. Software: 1. Toast 7 with new upgrade 2. iDVD 3.iMovie w iLife 06 4. MPEG streamclip 1.7 5.DC30 Xact Drover 1.6.1 (isn't working I get a preference error) 6.Quicktime upgrade Please help. Many thanks. John