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  1. Rickers

    Disc Cover For Toast 14 Pro

    I use Toast 14 pro and can not find disc cover in the Toast 14 applications folder. Is disc cover available with Toast 14 Pro? If so how do I find it?
  2. Rickers

    Normalizing Tracks

    Thanks tsantee. What I did is after compiling the songs I wanted to burn into Toast I saved the entire project and than reopened it and the tracks were all converted to .aif files and so far they all seem to have the same sound level upon the first listen to the newly burned disc.
  3. Rickers

    Normalizing Tracks

    Before I burn a music disc I highlight all the tracks and normalize them all so that the disc will have an even sound level on all the songs. But for some reason this does not happen. when listening to disc some songs will be quieter and some louder than others. Any suggestions as to why the Normalize Tracks feature is not working for me?
  4. Rickers

    Disc Cover Issue

    Right now when I print the bleeds section automatically shows up at .50. What number should it be at to be full bleed? to full bleed?
  5. Rickers

    Disc Cover Issue

    Another question. While in the printer field I click on select format and go to custom where I've saved a custom tray. Only problem is the OK button in the custom tray box is not activated so I can not use this customer tray. Why is this not activated for me to use?
  6. Rickers

    Disc Cover Issue

    I've tried changing the size of the insert in Disc Cover's design element. I had hopes this would work but when I print the insert it still comes out about 1 inch short in both the height and width. How would I go about removing a margin set by my printer?
  7. Rickers

    Disc Cover Issue

    I am using Toast 10.0.8 with Disc Cover 2.3.2 everything has worked perfect until recently after installing a new Kodak printer onto my computer. The problem is when I'm creating/printing the jewel case tray insert. It ends up coming out smaller than it should be. It's about 1/2 inch short on both the width and height. Is there a way for me to fix this?
  8. Rickers

    Still Image On Dvd Disc

    I have just burned my first DVD Disc with Toast 10. The DVD Disc is a compilation of 10 music videos I downloaded to my computer from youtube. Everything worked out just fine, except at the beginning of each music video a still image (which is an image of the very beginning of the video) shows for about 35 seconds before the music video itself begins playing. Does anybody know why this is happening? Is there something I need to do before burning a DVD Disc to avoid this? Here's a second question. It may be the program Iused to download the youtube video to my computer automatically creates the still image. Is there any way of cropping out the first 35 seconds of the music video in the DVD Disc program?
  9. Rickers

    Adding Audio Effects

    While making an audio disc I am trying to add audio effects to some of the song. I have tried clicking on the AU button which is to the right side of the software under the effects title but nothing happens. How do I get this to work so I can add audio effects to my tracks? How about while using CD Spin Doctor or Sound Soap is there a way to add different types of effects such as echo, reverb, change pitch, etc? Thank you
  10. Rickers

    Normalize Track

    What exactly is the Normalize Track function? Does highlighting all the tracks which I am burning and than applying the normalize tracks function to them do anything?
  11. Rickers

    Unregister Product

    Thank you but I don't want to keep the older version registered. I want to unregister it as I plan on giving that one to an acquaintance. How do I go about unregistering this older product and then registering the new product?
  12. Rickers

    Fading Out Songs

    Is there any way to fade a song out without doing a fade in to another song? Some songs that I burn are up to 8 minutes long and sometimes I need to edit them to make them shorter and a fade out at the end sounds much better than a sudden ending.
  13. Rickers

    Unregister Product

    I just recently purchased (upgraded) to Toast 10 Pro. How do I go about unregistering my original Toast 10 Titanium product and register the new one which has a different serial number and key.
  14. Rickers


    I currently have the standard Toast 10 Titanium but would like to upgrade to Toast 10 Pro. Is there a way to upgrade my current Toast 10 without having to purchase the entire Pro software package? Can this be purchased for the difference between the price of Titanium and Pro, which would be $50.00?
  15. Rickers

    Audio Capture Shortens Songs

    I have tried three times now to capture a song from one of my websites with audio capture and everytime the song finishes it opens in Spin Doctor with the title cdsd_scratch.caf. But instead of the entire 4 minute song transferring over to Spin Doctor only 1 minute and 18 seconds appears. What's wrong here? I had the same exact software on my previous iMac with no issues.