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  1. CinemaPhile

    Videowave15 Crashes

    Thanks for the tip on repairing my installation, and for making a back up. I haven't much worried about a drive crash; I'm running a RAID 1 mirror; but, I will want to port this thing to a new machine eventually. Nick
  2. CinemaPhile

    Videowave15 Crashes

    I don't have the disks; I downloaded the software. I played with it again today before the Superbowl; and, I discovered that it doesn't crash. Roxio Videoconvert hangs; and, it hangs early on. I can play the .mts file almost all the way through - I haven't sat to watch it; but, it's certainly farther than I get before Videoconvert hangs. In the past, I've discovered that using the wrong aspect will cause Roxio problems [eg. 4:3 rather than 16:9;] but, that doesn't seem to work this time. Since I originally posted this message, I upgraded to Windows 10; otherwise, the platform is the same. I want to add this to a video library to cast with my AppleTV. iTunes is the media server; and the files are on a NAS appliance. I've discovered that iTunes "doesn't play nice" with any video file format but mp3; and so the conversion effort. I'm already too far committed to use another media server at this point. I'll continue to poke around; but if you or anybody listening has an idea, I'll try it.
  3. CinemaPhile

    Videowave15 Crashes

    Happy New Year gents and ladies; I have experienced an app crash numerous times while attempting to convert a .mts file to an .mp4 file. I've played the entire .mts file with VLC media player to verify [to the extent that that is possible with that method] that the source file has no errors in it; it doesn't, and plays with no hiccups to the end. I tried shutting down all the other apps on my desktop running Windows 7 to give VideoWave as much resource as it could get. Lastly, I rebooted my system with the thought that a reboot would clear out any lingering binaries remaining from incomplete housekeeping from the previous app crashes. I'm running a Pentium dual-core CPU ES300 @ 2.6 gHz with 8g of main memory. I'm running Windows-7 64bit operating system. Alternately, VideoWave hangs at the same position; and when it doesn't hang, it crashes with the following error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: VideoWave15.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 522f1588 Fault Module Name: StackHash_c5af Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.19045 Fault Module Timestamp: 56258e62 Exception Code: c0000374 Exception Offset: 000ced0b OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: c5af Additional Information 2: c5af796ac5410a47c26061f08f7e39d2 Additional Information 3: 2215 Additional Information 4: 22152233fca25adfa46745f4207884fe Any and all thoughts or suggestions are gratefully appreciated.
  4. CinemaPhile

    Video Copy & Convert W/subtitles

    These are legal copies. I'll one or two up on Plex, Box, or Dropbox, but may need your Email address and don't expect you to post it here; I'll have to check first which file x-fer/share is best, and how to get you access to my files. The project has moved to the back burner. When I'm ready, I'll ping you through the Roxio site. Thanks
  5. Will whoever posted the following: Posted 27 April 2011 - 04:18 PM We see posts from time to time about VCC and Subtitles. These posts either complain that VCC Includes the Subtitles in a conversion or that it Excludes them… As far as Subtitles and VCC, they are only found in DVD Movies… You cannot have them in a Video File! If you have a video file with them, they are considered Hard subtitles and cannot be removed. If you want more info, Wikipedia is your friend: Wiki For testing, I have created a very short DVD Movie sample with 2 (Eng & FR) subtitles in it. You can download it from this location: HERE please permit access to the link at HERE. Clicking on the link in your post results in an error 403, "forbidden. . . " message. I still can't figure out the reason Roxio ignores my settings selections, and want to read more. Thanks.
  6. CinemaPhile

    Dual Layer Disk Problems

    Thanks for the reply; sorry about the images; I blurred the file shrinking it so it wouldn't consume your whole desktop monitor. The error says Invalid Parameter followed by what looks like a hex or octal code [all zeroes if I recall - I can't read my own any longer.] Like you I've given up on DL discs; they are not worth all the trouble, although I have been successful making back ups of my discs - just not consistently. If you have any thoughts as to that Invalid Parameter error, I'm all ears. Thanks.
  7. CinemaPhile

    Copy And Convert - Help!

    Thanks Jim; I don't like what I read, because it means I can't filter the subtitles as I do when I play the DVD on either my Asus device or directly from the disk on a DVD player. In answer to the prior question from the Digital Guru who calls himself Digital Guru; yes, these are copyrighted DVDs in most cases and in some cases recorded from on-air viewing. Please allow me some space to get on my soapbox. I take issue with the law that categorically prohibits copying these media. Historically, I have always made a copy of my [in times past] analog media and for some time now digital media. I do it for my own use to preserve the condition of the original media; handling, finger prints, scratches, and other mishaps that may degrade A/V clarity. In case you or anyone else is interested in what I'm trying to do, read on. Some years ago, I noticed I was being overwhelmed with my video collection; so I bought software to rip my DVDs, and a media server [just a NAS] with 3T of RAID 1 storage in it to store my video collection. In my den, where the PC, NAS, and router are present; I have easy access to a wired network from my Asus O!Play appliance. My previous home was wired; my current home is not, so I need a wireless connection to my media library from TVs in other rooms and eventually an iPad from the kitchen. My two Asus O!Play appliances pre-date WiFI capability, so I hunted around for a soluton and found Plex. Plex, a Chromecast appliance, and a $4.95 app enables you to cast from your desktop [in my case a network share that points to my media server] to any TV in the house with a Chromecast appliance. [i also use the Chromecast appliance for my Netflix and HBO GO streaming media.] Plex is no different than Netflix, Hulu, etc. except that the content you're streaming is in your own or another subscriber's library. The rub is; Plex won't recognize VIDEO_TS format directories, so I have to convert all my backed up media folders to either wmv or mpeg format. Needless to say, I'm not happy with the work ahead of me. As a side, side note; I discovered an additional feature of Plex that I find attractive. You may too. Any combination of users can share video libraries so long as the libraries are on-line [your PC is on and connected to the Internet] and both subscribers are on-line [bTW, a subscription is free in most cases.] Neat, no? Now, let me pivot back to Jim. If I have hard subtitles which is what your response suggests, how is it that I can suppress them when I view the same film from DVD or from a VIDEO_TS format folder?
  8. CinemaPhile

    Copy And Convert - Help!

    HELP! I've been attacked by the Roxio Gremlins again. I'm converting my VIDEO_TS format films to mp4 or wmv [whatever will work] for use with Plex [it seems that Plex won't work with VIDEO_TS format files.] The Copy and Convert feature ignores my option settings. Here's what happens: I turn off subtitles as shown in the first screen scrape. When I return to the convert video screen as shown in this next screen scrape, all seems well; I went about my merry way thinking I had set all the "switches" and began to convert my video. When completed, I discovered that my converted video had subtitles in it; so I started over again, and this time checked the options panel after I set the the options, only to discover that clicking OK isn't OK with my version of Roxio; and discovered the settings as shown in this last screen scrape. Does anybody have a clue as to what's happening? I've pushed every "button," moved ever "lever," and turned every "knob" on this "recalcitrant child" and am at a loss. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I guess I'm insane; I've repeated the procedure a dozen times; and it worked once with another video, but not with any others. Any and all help that leads to a resolution of my latest Roxio crisis will be gratefully appreciated.
  9. CinemaPhile

    Creator 2012 Comes With A Attitude!

    I don't have an answer to your question; I'm not sure what the question is and I don't have an answer to what I think your question might be, but I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments about Creator 2012. I find the product frustrating at best, and chafe when I get a reply to a question that reads something like ". . . it works OK for me . . . ." I find the product less than cooperative. I'm on this board today because the copy-and-convert feature does not behave as advertized; but before I search further for my solution or post a question, I thought I'd commiserate with you. Creator is a full function product, and I like many of its features; but I find it a resource hog [although that may the nature of working with large video files,] and it does not "cooperate" with me. Good luck.
  10. He folks; I regularly get an error when I burn a dual layer disk. Roxio 2012 doesn't "take issue" if it's a data disk, but burning a video disk is a nightmare. I get an invalid parameter message at the end of the copy [see screen image below.] For those of you who keep track of such things; I think I've zeroed in on the problem that brought me to this board a few weeks ago. [That problem solved itself by itself; FM as we say in the office.] Things get nasty recovering from the invalid parameter message. I can't eject the disk either through the software [Windows or Roxio] or physically [pushing the button on the drive.] I have to shut down or reboot the system, and wait for that brief period where the OS isn't aware it "owns" a device [i guess in when the driver is being refreshed] or there's no power going to the drive and before the system turns off. I've scoured the KB, and found nothing; but then, I have a low threshold of pain when it comes to sifting through KBs; so I'm asking for anyone's sage advice. Do any of you get this message? If so, what's the cause? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the input, gents. None of the suggestions worked, but a switch to another optical drive worked. I have a RW Blu-Ray drive in my machine as well as well as another RW drive. In the past never had a problem using the Blu-Ray drive, but all of a sudden did [and that prompted my original post.] I tried the other drive, and the sofware is working like a champ. I don't know what allowed me to do 10-15 videos before the problem surfaced, but Roxio is doing what I bought it for, and I won't argue with success. I'm back to creating disk copies of videos currently on my hard drives [for extra backup I'm a belts and suspenders guy.] and I'll fuss with the interoperability of Roxio and my Blu Ray drive some day when I've got a chunk of spare time. Thanks again!
  12. It doesn't, at least I don't think so; I was just covering all bases in my question when I included it in my original post. BTW, I find the software in generally unstable. Is this the nature of optical drives or is it Roxio? [This may be the wrong forum to ask that question.] I often have program or system hang conditions. It's such a nuisence that I avoid "playing" with my video library anymore unless it's necdessary. Vista was a poor follow on to XP, but it's pretty solid now. I've got plenty of disk space - 400gb free defragmented space on each volume, and I've got 6g of RAM. Is it the nature of the beast or is there something with my platform I need to look at.
  13. See attached "screen scrape" files for details of erros, environment, etc. Frustrating! It worked fine for a day or so as I was making b/u copies of DVDs, then this. I get a runtime error during disk copy in the Copy and Convert Video sub program. I copied 15 DVDs, then the problem occurred. Once the problem occurs, I have to go into Windows Task Manager to kill the processes: Roxio Burn.exe, RoxioBurnLauncher.exe, and RoxioCentralFx.exe; and start over again with the same result since yesterday afternoon, and it's 10:00 PM EST in the U.S. Sometimes "sledgehammering" the procs doesn't work either, so there's something hanging around that I can't find, so I reboot. I've tried both a warm and a cold system start, but while I might get Roxio and the Copy and Convert sub proc to launch again, the problem persists. A cold start usually fixes all problems; but this time, something serious is happening, and I'm at a loss. I tried to repair installation in Control Panel; the installer abends because it can't find the package named rcprod.msi and is looking for it in: C:\Users\TrainerNJ\AppData\Local\Temp\RoxioCreator2012_JX90AXD0R13\ROXIOCENTRAL_6X\ . Oddly, it gives me a Setup Wizard Completed Successfully message when it's done; go figure. Neither the package nor the location exists anywhere on my computer; one copy of my software backup CD [created from the download] is bad, and the other [the copy of the copy] has only the privious version of Roxio. The system is generally solid; the physical drives are good, and I've got a RAID 1 configuration, so I sometimes wonder if the location ever existed, but I'll take Roxio at their word. I haven't contacted support for this. Their first response is to come here or to upgrade; so here I am. They were unable to fix a previous problem I had, and as I'm no longer in a warantee period, I'm disinclined to pay for a bug fix if that's what it is; though even I'll admit that's not likely - it worked for awhile. This verson of Roxio is it for as long as I can keep it working, and then I will look at other software options. In the meantime, anybody's input is appreciated. Some notes; I haven't "played" with Roxio for awhile; I find the product's behavior unpredictable. Do others have the same experience? For completeness; I'm running Vista 64 bit; SP1 with current updates except SP2. Please don't suggest I need Vista SP2; I've tried it. The installation completes "successfully", but nothing happens. A MS release note I found on the problem and tried doesn't seem to help. I can't upgrade to Windows 7; my system fails some kind of compatibility check though I bought the box with Vista installed and a Windows 7 CD, and now Windows 8 is available anyway, and by the time I get around to it, Windows 9 will be available if not already. I don't have the time just now to find the problem myself, and I can't afford to be without a machine if I send the box out for repair. I don't want to go down a rat hole fixing this problem; so if anybody has a quick fix [other than buy new,] I'm all ears. edit: CD key redacted
  14. CinemaPhile

    Error Code -> "invalid Parameter" ['0X00000004]

    Musing aloud . . . trainernj thinks: this is precisely the reason I don't like using these KBs and boards as they are usually populated with people who have no lives and/or who delight in denigrating anyone who asks a question as someone who doesn't know anything. My friend, I have worked on computers from the time one shoveled coal into the back of them to make them run, and over the years have designed mission critical databases for money center banks, brokerage houses and other Fortune 50 companies in my career. Now, have whatever fun you and the rest of the frequenters of this board wish to have with that as I no longer intend to use this mechanism to get my problem resolved unless I get a response with some meat in it. Moreover, it should have been blatantly clear and intuitively obvious to the most casual observer from the wording of my original question that I was talking of Creator 2010 SP2 and not Windows [pick your version] SP2. Rather than get some information from the original responder, I got a set of curt questions which didn't help me in resolving the problem. I am running a business, not spending my days scouring KBs and other boards, and don't have time for a cat and mouse game with someone who probably has a band-aid holding their glasses together and a pocket protector for every day of the the week. Now, if you are someone out there wants to give me a hint as to what might be happening or a direction in which to look, I'll be happy to debug the problem myself, but I don't need or want any more useless responses.
  15. CinemaPhile

    Error Code -> "invalid Parameter" ['0X00000004]

    I'm using Vista SP1, can't get SP2 installed there, and MS' advice is to go to W7. I was talking about Creator 2010 and Creator SP2, and that is mentioned in my original post. Is English your first language? Lastly, if I'm copying a set of files to a DVD, it would therefore be a safe assumption that I am using the Copy sub-program, no? Specific enough?