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  1. Hello, I made a hybrid disk. burned a physical CD, a .TOAST disk image and a .CUE/.BIN disk image and now I want to save the project but I keep getting this: "Couldn't complete the last command because a file couldn't be found. Result code = -43" What does that mean? Why am I not eligible to know what file couldn't be found? Why are your result codes so completely user unfriendly? What do I need to do to save my project? Please help! --------------------- Ah ha. I figured it out myself. My project referenced a mounted DMG but I'd since unmounted it. Funny that I can't save the project file despite not having files mounted. Also funny that the error message couldn't be bothered to inform me of potential reasons why the project couldn't be saved. Additionally, after remounting.. I actually needed to click the "select mac" button and re select my DMG and hit OK before the project would consider the file to be valid. Suggestion: Get a good user experience designer to tell your engineers that meaningless result codes are not helpful. it's 100% more useful to print the possible reasons a detected error has occurred than just printing a stupid number.