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  1. I'm trying to figure out at way to create output files in Adobe Premier Pro CS5 that can be dropped directly into Toast 11 to create a Blu-ray disc WITHOUT Toast re-encoding them. I can create legal .mt2 files in Premier but when I drop them into Toast, Toast always re-encodes them. I give it a legal Blu-ray files, 720p 24 but it converted it to 720p 60 ?????. Perhaps this is the problem but I don't see any way to change what type of files Toast creates? (Sure I could use Encore but I've no idea how to use it )
  2. vuvuzella

    Prores > Blu-Ray - Frame Rate Incorrect?

    Makes sense, thanks. Footage does look identical. Us Mac people are Blu-Ray starved so it's nice to have this option. There is still no good way to push out ones hi-def footage to parent who live in countries that have crappy DSL connections and even on youtube, uploading a 1 gig file is not that practical. A simple cheap Panasonic Blu-ray player for $80 and an existing HD Tv + 15c DVD-R and you can play back files almost as good as the original! Encoding times still suck and I'm sure CS5 does it a lot better but Toast rocks for quick and easy disc creation.
  3. vuvuzella

    Prores > Blu-Ray - Frame Rate Incorrect?

    I dragged a few ProRes encoded files into Toast to create a faux Blu-Ray disk using a std DVD-R. Works like a charm but when I go and look at the individual files using a little program called MediaInfo Mac I see that my 1280 x 720 30p files are now in 60p ?? Funny cos I encoded a shot that was 1080p 24 and it encoded fine. So error seems to be with 720p 30 footage. I don't have a Blu-ray player but just play them back on my poor laptop using Movist, the google video player. They appear to play back fine and sure look like they are 30p not 60p as reported by MediaInfo Mac. I am playing the actual raw .m2ts files on my macbook pro. Encoded at high bitrate 15 mbps.
  4. vuvuzella

    Toast 10 Titanium Pro - Coaster Bd-R Every Time, Error 50

    If you're using USB try disconnecting all other devices, long shot but it may help. My internal DVD burner crashes every time I have other stuff connected on the USB port - weird but true. I'm running Leopard on MBP 2.4. Here is a little write up I put together on the problem: http://www.mylittleportal.com/dvd-burner-mac-book-pro-error
  5. vuvuzella

    Prores422 > Dvd - 720P Bad Quality Vs 1080P?

    Ok, I'll try that but it's weird that the 7D footage ProRes422 from the 7D looks noticeably better as both have been transcoded to 720p - just that the original 7D footage was 1080p H.264. I guess I'll have to go the DVD studio pro route. I also don't like the fact that when you drag in clips to toast it makes a new chapters for each clip and you get a pause / stutter each time you go from one clip to the next. I think this is more of a DVD thing than a Toast thing. Still if you want to throw native AVCHD files MTS onto a DVD then Toast is by far the easiest program rather than going the whole, Log and Transfer > FCP > PROres422 > DVD studio pro route !!! Of course you may be asking why the hell am I still tooling around with DVDs; well not everyone has a Blueray player (my parents) and people in their 70s sure as hell don't want to cough up $500 for an entire new flat screen / Blueray setup.
  6. i'm making a DVD from my AVCHD and DLSR video camera. The footage from both cameras (panasonic and Canon 7D) is in ProRes422 but I've noticed that whenI create a DVD using Toast the footage shot at 1080p looks far better than that shot at 720p ?? Viewing both ProRes422 files, the footage from the two cameras looks great so I am wondering why Toast is converting the 720p footage to worse quality (not as sharp, pixelated) than the 1080p footage ?? (Sure I could use DVD studio Pro but I like the simplicity of Toast and this is but a simple home movie project)