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  1. Agreed, I as I noted at the beginning of my post. Upgrades are painful, and should not be so. I am asking for Roxio's written specifications for a problem-free upgrade. A cursory review of the Community clearly shows that I am not the only one with upgrade problems. Perhaps the disclosure of the exact specifications required for an upgrade would be helpful to us "valued" customers. Simply directing to antivirus or some such other low intelligence excuse as the culprit is not acceptable. Windows Defender, Norton and MacAfee, at a minimum, should be tested against with corresponding specifications not only for installation but on-going utilization of the product. Alas, apparently not.
  2. Yes, I do. I know many things. I also know that technology companies purportedly have have Testing Departments, as they too know that the software that they want to sell will be soled to millions of "valued" customers with different software configurations. I also know that many "valued" customers have standard configurations, the basic Microsoft Windows 10 and Office, yet, software does not operate as represented, pre-sale. I also know that many people allow for failure, excusing away why it is A-OK Fine, Peachy Keen and Hunky Dory that a product represented pre-sale as being able to operate does not in-fact operate then, and only then, being told post sale what the "valued" customer did wrong and why the "valued" customer is at fault. I also know numerous Fortune 500 technology companies with whom I have implemented Service Level Agreements for which they balked stating, "It NEVER breaks." I also know that I have collected millions & millions & millions of dollars from these tech companies in penalties for representing one-thing pre-sale and delivering quite a different experience post sale. So, do you find such a situation acceptable to you? THAT I do not know; but, I am curious.
  3. I am looking for the new AV formats.
  4. eprince

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    If you upgraded, could you provide to us your experience? I am carefully evaluating a $129.99 spend to upgrade from 4 to 7, and, I do not want to buy problems, as I did with my version 4 upgrade.
  5. eprince

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    Hello, How does Screen-Cast-O-Matic work relative to your Record Your Screen function/Corel Screen Capture of you Roxio Creator NXT product? I ask because my Record Your Screen function/Corel Screen Capture of my Roxio Creator NXT Pro 4 works great, but only when it works, which is spotty at best. Corel Tech Support cannot tell me what is wrong with this Corel functionality, and, it appears that problems exist through version 7. So, I do not need to upgrade to Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7, only to buy problems. If Screen-Cast-O-matic is a superior alternative then I will divert my hard-earned-money to it. THANK YOU!
  6. Hello, I have used Roxio for over 25 years now, going back to Media Creator. It is the single best piece of software that I have ever owned. Upgrades are painful, excruciatingly so. Problems are 100% to be expected. When we paying customers engage Technical Support, we are barraged with questions, "Did we do this?", "Did we do that?", "Did we do this & that?", "Was this running?, "Was that updated?", etc., etc., etc., as if WE are the root cause of the installation problems of Roxio Creator, most certainly not Roxio, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WRITTEN PUBLICATION OF EXACT & PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW in order for a fail-safe installation so that we can proceed to using the software for which we paid our money, rather than fixing it. Are you following me? Yes, I have been around the block, once or twice. I am not a technological novice. I know how "Support" attempts to get rid of us paying customers by NOT providing root cause solutions to problems that were intentionally sold to us, a Testing Department not in existence. BEFORE I PAY MY MONEY TO UPGRADE: What is the link to Roxio's written instructions on the exact & precise instructions for a problem-free installation of Roxio Creator NXT 7 Pro, $129.99? This question is asked because a casual perusal of the Roxio website demonstrates that customers apparently installed Roxio Creator NXT 7 Pro because of their grand ignorance of installation requirements, and not having ESP. Specifically, I have a fully up-to-date Windows 10 OS running Windows Defender. My objective here is for Roxio not to direct blame to ME for the failure of its $129.99 software to install on my computer. ALSO, I am upgrading because Record Your Screen is highly problematic, as the Roxio website will provide testimonials. I want to know how to use it with 100% confidence. In particular, I am sick-and-tired of Record Your Screen indicating that it is working for X number of minutes, only to record 6 seconds. I have a command of the English language, second to none. I articulate things well. I provide proof-positive data on the observations of the failure of the software that I purchase. Tech Support "professionals" are typically incapable of understanding the English language, using any prior "expertise" in what is purportedly their core competency and taking ownership of a "valued" customer's issue. Please, do not pawn me off to a rookie. My goal is to avoid the absolutely miserable installation nightmare that I had upgrading to version 4, which explains why I have waited to upgrade; and, I can wait longer. Thank you.
  7. Roxio has not replied, eh? I too paid for this software and it is not working. Why is it that trying to get tech support from Roxio has been so painful for the past 12 years?
  8. I've been a Roxio customer for 16 years. Love it all. I have several questions that need good answers. I want to understand completely why it is a good value for me to upgrade from Media Creator. Creator 2010 has the following feature listed as a feature to upgrade: 1. Save web video for convenient offline playback on DVD, mobile phone or iPod® A. What type of web video can be saved? B. From Roxio discussion groups, YouTube changes files up so they can not be downloaded. How is Roxio staying on top of this type of practice so that this feature always has value to Roxio customers. There are a lot of one-off pieces of software that I could download or I can use Roxio. My preference is Roxio but I want to understand how this feature works now and how this feature will continually work into the future. 2. Capture music from streaming Internet radio and automatically add title, artist and album info, then add to iTunes A. How is this feature different than what I can do with Media Creator? 4. Easily convert video, audio and now photos to your preferred formats right from your desktop A. What formats are included in addition to those in Media Creator 9. Easily convert audiobook CDs to play on iPods® and other portable devices A. How does Creator 2010 do this so that the files play consecutively on the portable device. I can already do this with Media Creator but I have not figured out how to name the files or titles in such a fashion that the entire book plays consecutively. 10. Create stunning multimedia slideshows with music, captions and animated stickers and share privately online with friends and family directly from Creator A. How is this different from Media Creator? Many thank you's, Ed Price