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    Backontrack Suite 3

    I did and couldn't find anyplace that's why I asked. That's a lot of money to put out for a piece of software and then decide you don't like it.
  2. squid13

    Backontrack Suite 3

    Is there somewhere you can download a trial version of this program? I like to try something before I buy it.
  3. squid13

    Backontrack Suite 3

    If you go to Newegg.com and put BackOnTrack Suite 3 in the search box it comes up with 2 and each one has a different number. There both suite 3 and I was wondering what the difference was. Maybe one is a newer version.
  4. squid13

    Backontrack Suite 3

    I am interested in BackOnTrack Suite 3 but what is the difference between model # 156913000SF and #156913600SF?