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    File Won't Fit To Dvd?

    My next question would be about a DL DVD. If I buy some DL DVDs would either my 2007 13" Macbook, or my 2010 22" iMac be able to burn them? I don't know much about them. Do they play in any DVD player? If you have any info on those that would be very helpful.
  2. ecrone

    File Won't Fit To Dvd?

    The audio type says Dolby Digital. That seems to be the only option (if I'm looking in the right place). And the file size is 6.8 GB. I just burned some DVDs last night that were over 7GB, so that's while I feel like this is some sort of error. Any other ideas?
  3. ecrone

    File Won't Fit To Dvd?

    I use Popcorn all of the time. I use it to burn TV series DVDs to lend to friends and for back ups of my own. I've never had a problem with it ever. Until today. Trying to burn a dvd resulted in a message saying "file won't fit on the DVD." I have the auto-compression on and have done nothing differently than I ever do when burning a DVD. Why is this happening?