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    Won't See Dvd In Drive For Burning

    Well, I got 1 to work. I think the problem I'm having now is the memorex disks. Windows tells me to put in a disk when I have the Memorex in there and Roxio Burn isn't showing up. I tried a few disks and am having the same problem. It will read a previously burned disk of the same type, Memorex. So I know the drive is working. Any suggestions on a better brand of DVD-r's? I have a Dell X8300. I'm guessing that is my next step. Thanks
  2. kbhoff

    Won't See Dvd In Drive For Burning

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. I figured Memorex wasn't very good or at least causing problems, that was why I listed it as what I was using. Windows does see the drive and even Roxio sees the drive in that I can use Roxio burn on these dvds. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help.
  3. I'm using Creator 2010 with windows 7 on my computer. I'm trying to burn a mp4 video 900 mb to a memorex DVD-R disk. I can use Roxio burn for copying data or pictures no problem. I have also been able to do this in the past although it has been hit or miss. Some times having to try multiple disks or rebooting my computer. But not none of those things are working anymore. When I go to the screen where I can click on Burn it is grayed out. It says the drive is empty. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  4. kbhoff

    More Than 1 Movie To Dvd?

    Just wondering why I can burn a dvd movie in Creator 2010 that is 3.06 GB and not 2 movies that are 2.73 GB total space on to a 4.7 GB disk. I mean I understand that the menus probably take up some space but I don't understand. I know i have burned 3 movies before. I have looked and looked for how to change any settings but couldn't find anything as far as changing video quality. I have changed it to extended play and it still says there isn't enough room. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  5. Well, I had given up. We are planning on getting a new computer at Christmas so I figured I could wait. I just purchased Advanced Regisrty Optimizier 2010 and that fixed it. It cleans your registry and fixes errors. Just thought I'd post incase anyone else is having the same problem that I was.
  6. Crud. Didn't work. Same error. I'm beginning to think I have a registry problem. In looking around for answers I saw a couple of posts elsewhere where people mentioned recently having a virus that may have effected the registry. I had a virus and since then is when I had the problem. Can you suggest a registry repair software? I don't know where to look. Not sure what else to do... Thanks for your help. Love the revo uninstaller...
  7. Thanks for your reply. I decided to upgrade to Creator 2010 and am having the same problem after about 5 clean installs. I'm guessing I'm missing something.
  8. kbhoff

    VW12 problem

    Ok, I'm stumped. I have the same message and a few others and have done about 5 clean installs. I've resolved the no permission to launch application but can't fix the "runtime error videowave12.exe abnormal program termination" and R6025 pure virtual function call". I must be missing some files on the clean install. But since ive done it about 5 times I'm getting smarter about scanning the computer for any files or folders with Roxio or Sonic in them and getting rid of them. I've got a Dell with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz with a NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS. I previously had the Dell version of Creator 2009 that came with the computer. Unless those files are called something else without roxio in it I think I got all those files off. Any suggestions?
  9. When I try to add a new movie I get a runtime error r6025, "pure virtual function call" it also says abnormal program termination in another box that pops up. I got this program preloaded on a Dell so I don't have the disk to reinstall. I had read somewhere that if you have run a reg cleaner that there have been problems with it cleaning a file that is needed. I have also recently had a virus, which I have read seems to be another problem with this program not running properly. So if I don't have a disk to reinstall how can I fix this? Thanks