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    Edit Photo

    I edit my photos before I use them for prints/large prints/photobooks etc. and I was surprised that the photo went from e.g 4000 KB to 1200 KB even with almost no changes, and to see what happenend if I only opened and saved the photo again I discovered that it still "lost"a lot of KB's and don't understand why - but it is a problem if I eg wants to make large prints.
  2. Solefie

    Edit Photo

    If I open a photo in "Edit Photos" and "save as", without editing or changing anything, the photo changes from e.g 4000 KB to 1200 KB. Why this big change and how can I avoid it? Thank You
  3. @ GrandpaBruce .......Thank you @Jim_Hardin ..... just common image/Photo editing - birthdaycards - calenders and fun - but Creator 2010 has a lot of features that PhotoSuite doesn''t have and PhotoSuite has a lot of templates that Creator2010 doesn't have- So I want to have both programs installed - but can I avoid that the installation of Creator or NXT2 will uninstall PhotoSuite?
  4. Hello Hope someone can help My computer broke down, and now a have a new with windows 8.1. I wanted to install roxio creator 2010 but I've lost my back up disk. Instead I tried to install Roxio PhotoSuite 7 Platinum (from 2006) - and guess what......it WORKED. It didn't work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 - but I'm very happy because I loved the templates for cards and calenders and fonts of which many didn't came with creator 2010. But I still want the creator 2010 or upgrade to NXT2 - but when I read about how to upgrade, it says that it automatically uninstalls the program I'm upgrading from - and now I'm asking if anyone knows if I can have both programs (PhotoSuite and NXT2) installed at the same time? And does anynone know if It is possible to install the Creator 2010 though I have missed my back up disk. I'm only interessed in the part with photos - does anyone know if the NXT2 is better or worse than Creator, when it comes to photo. Many questions - but hope someone can help :-) Best regards Kirsten
  5. Solefie


    Thank you for quick response :-) Do you know If I can make my own templates from importede photos/pictures - to me the difficult part is to make a part of the photo/picture transparant, so I can put another photo behind "the homemade template"? (I hope you understand my question) Any other ideas to photo/cardmaking is also welcome, as I am new user of creator 2010......bought it yesterday!
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    Is it possible to download more templates for making cards and calenders. I have 73 templates now, but would like to have more to choose between?