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  1. I apologize for two things: 1) my typos - the keys were sluggish and 2) I wasn't talking about the forum. It was when I tried to establish a trouble ticket that I ended up on a Corel site that did not reference Creator XT 2 Pro in any way! I just got an email from Corel telling me that I was out of warranty on a product I bought on January 6, 2014, so I'm doing battle with them.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. Unfortunately, that appears to be the latest driver that is available from AMD/ATI for the Radeon X1300/1550. I may have to get a new video card or just go ahead and invest in a newer computer. I'm waiting to hear back from Roxio/Corel see what their thoughts are. I'm not impressed with apparent lack of reference to the Roxio products on he Corel sit!
  3. Here's an up-date on my problem. I went ahead and up-grade to Roxio NXT2 Pro in the hopes that would solve my problem. however, nothing changed. As part of my troubleshooting, I took the liberty of loading Creator NXT2 Pro onto my wife's laptop and it has no problem loading AVCHD .mts files into VideoWave. I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 camera. Although it will record video in Motion Jpeg format (which works fine with my Creator), these files are limited to 8 minutes in length. Therefore, when I video our church sermons, I use the Avchd format which has no time limit. However, I have to use another product to convert the video files to a format that my VideoWave will accept. The product I'm using is WonderShare which had its video editor bundled. Both products recognize ad load the same files that VideoWave has a problem with. I have a Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop computer with a Radeon X1300/1550 Series video card. I have up-dated the drivers to the latest version (2/10/10). I have also up-dated DirectX from Microsoft Are there any known issues that I need to address?
  4. I also have a Lumix DMC- ZS7 camera and I used to be able to load AVCHD Lite video files into VideoWave with no problem. However, at some point, I started receiving an error statement which said: Warning - One or more of the files you are trying to add can no be edited and have not been added. These same files can be viewed with Windows Media Player and can be inputted to the Wondershare Video Converter with no problem. Does anyone have any idea what may be going on? I just uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio Creator 12 Pro and am experiencing the same problem. Is this a problem with Creator 12 Pro that may have been fixed with Creator NXT Pro? I really don't want to have to use a video converter.