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    Video Rendering Hangs

    Thanks Jim, changed render to software and it all worked out perfect, thanks a million.
  2. I've made a nine minute video using several photos [jpeg] and a few short video clips [a mix of MOV and MP4] I've also included a music track [mp3] My project is ready to output. I output as a mpg2 medium quality, it rendered very quickly and got to 99% and just hung. The render dialog shows that the entire program was rendered. Throughout this process, a dialog box popped up several times indicating that "windows is configuring Roxio NXT". I let it run its course until the progress bar fills, then another box pops up and states "Error 1706. no valid resource, the data you require may be on a disc, please insert disc." Does this sound like I have a bad install? I would really hate losing my project, however, I can redo it If I have to. Just hoping someone may have an idea that I can employ to get around this issue. Thank you for any helpful advice you may be able to provide. byrnedog
  3. byrnedog

    Videowave / Photos & Videos/ Pan & Zoom Issue

    My video card driver update is june 12, 2010 from nVidia, was using EMC9, don't know which ver. it is as it was a gift about 4 years ago and I've just recently tried using it. Have uninstalled it and went back to EMC7, not as functional but at least it works. Thanks to all the forum members who responded. byrnedog
  4. byrnedog

    Videowave / Photos & Videos/ Pan & Zoom Issue

    I have the latest update. I made a short program using some photos and rendered it to an mpg2 and the issue continued into the the rendered mpg file. Any other suggestions? Thanks byrnedog
  5. Good Day Everyone, I seem to have a problem that I'm unable to find any references to anywhere in these forums. I'm building a project in videowave using short video clips, photos and transitions. All of the photos have a pan and zoom effect applied which works very well. Most of the photos have been shot horizontal and with the effect they look great, however, when a photo that has been shot vertical [black bars to the left and right] the space where the black bars should be is occupied by the previous photo. I tried installing a black panel infront of the vertical shot in the hopes this would eliminate the problem, it did not. Because I'm unable to find anything related to this I don't know what else to try. I hope someone out there can offer me some advice or a solution. Oops, forgot to mention this issue exists when I preview. Thank you for your time and help. byrnedog PS: here are a few particulars EMC9 XP Home - SP3 Intel E8200 Dual Core Asus P5Q Motherboard 4 GB DDR2 [xp recognizes 3.25 GB] Asus GeForce EN9600GT Video Card