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    Source For Estimated Time?

    Thank you for the info. I suspect my Mac is just not powerful enough. I took two EyeTV files, totaling about 3.4 GB, "burned" it to a disc image. Toast indeed reported "multiplexing" rather than encoding, but the process took....17 hours. I tried it again with another two Eye TV files, again about 3.5 GBs in total, and it took 14 hours. I ran Toast alone -- with no other programs. I suspect what happened is that the RAM is too small, and maybe virtual memory writes to the disk are the culprit. The final product worked...after the disc image was created I could copy it to the actual DVD (that took about 4 hours). But there is a really annoying strip of white noise that flashes constantly at the top of the screen. Well, guess I'll just need to get a more powerful Mac one of these days. Thanks again for the advice! -B
  2. Bunkster

    Source For Estimated Time?

    Using a G4, 1.42 ghz PPC G4, MacOS 10.4.11, 512 RAM. (I know, it's "old" -- but it's what I have, and I know that it's stable and does what I need). I just started using Toast 8, mostly to archive things and to create DVD-videos from EyeTV, but also CDs. I was wondering if there was any source listing estimated times to complete various tasks? I made a DVD video from an EyeTV recording and it took all night. I erased a DVD -RW and it took 30 minutes. Is there some source where I can find estimated times to do things like burn a DVD video, CD, etc? If not, I'll just learn as I go along. Appreciate any thoughts from those who have used the product as I'm clearly a "newbie" on Toast. -B