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  1. I have just installed My DVD 10 I am used to the old sonic my dvd so i am slowly working through this new update. I can't seem to rotate video clips in Roxio Videowave. the right click option is not available and also the rotaion option in the the preview tool bar is not active. Am i doing something wrong. I have numerous mobile phoe clips that need to be rotated and i am at a loss. I wouls appreciate any help. Even though i am from the land down under i stiil need to viem my videos the right way up.
  2. I am using my dvd 10 premiere. I have had no luck with your first instructions. I haven't been able to insert a blank panel and so cannot go any further. I have looked up the help menu and have not found anything useful. can you point me in the direction of an easy to understand help website with step by step instructions. There has to be something i am not doing. I really appreaciate you taking time to help me out. I must say I found the old sonic my dvd much easier to get around, maybe I haven't spent enough time in this program yet.
  3. Thanks for your assisitance, sorry about the mix up with upgrades and porgram names but as you can guess I too am confused. I have installed My DVD 10 however I thought i also had Roxio creator on the disc. I may have been mistaken on that so i have probabley posted in the wrong area. Sorry Again. I will give your advice a go and see if i have any success. Please don't go away as you are the only one who has responded to my cry for help.