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  1. In Photoshow 4 and 5 it was easy to move photos around and put them in the right order through cutting & pasting. You could even batch handle them. Now I seem unable to change the sequence of the pics in PhotoShow 6, I cannot even put one single photo in another place by dragging it along the bar at the bottom of the screen. I put them in the right sequence on my computer and renamed them consecutively (the originals come from several sources such as phones, cameras etc) but PhotoShow mixes them up, and I do not know how to put them in the right order again. How can I solve this problem?
  2. Arne

    Change A Channel Of A Show

    Hi there. I have a problem in chosing the right channel for the shows I wish to upload. When I upload a show, Photoshow 5 does not ask to what channel the show should be uploaded, it simply adds the new show to "All Photoshows". When I sign in to my personal photoshow site, I do not know how to move the uploaded photoshow into the right channel. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?