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  1. I was able to put the two video together just by adding the second file, then a menu came up do you want to combine and I said yes. The original second video continued where the first one left off. It was a seamless match
  2. Going directly to mydvd, new project, no menus worked. thank you Mike
  3. I finally remember how to remove menus
  4. I'm don't remember how to remove menus I have a part A video and a part B video that I will want as one video
  5. OK, let me try that. I might not be able to get back to you right away. I have to take my mother in law cat into have it's hair clipped and washed. Do I need to convert to an iso file. I'm following your last paragraph. thanks Mike
  6. I downloaded a youtube video to mp4 Roxio pro 2012 Copy and convert video selected Movie from desktop Out to DVD Save file to Disc/disc image Press green button to start burn Looks like it's burning get error code 0x130c000a length of video according to wave is 17 minutes 21 sec. I was able to burn another video from youtube the day before using the same steps as my last try (as stated above). I hope I captured all the info you needed. thanks Mike
  7. I downloaded a youtube video and burned a dvd. No problem with the burning or playback. Working on a second project and I can't get it to burn. The project consist of two video part 1 and part 2. I tried the convert to dvd like I did the first time. I couldn't get it to burn. Then I did advance and did iso to my dvd and tried to burn didn't burn. Unfortunately I'm using memorex dvd. It worked with the first one. MP4 conversion to DVD Roxio 2012 pro thanks Mike
  8. To play it on my computer I just double click the dvd drive. It plays OK on my home dvd. When I just double click on the file the orientation is incorrect. When I use media player it plays ok
  9. When I play the dvd on the computer it's roatated (I'M using my internal dvd of the computer). When I play the dvd on the home dvd it plays correctly. I have never had that happen. Mike
  10. When I click and play on the computer it has the wrong orientation. When I put it in the DVD it is correct. thanks Mike
  11. When I do a preview it shows correctly. Im going to burn another dvd
  12. Copy and conver video click convert video tab add source movies save file to disc image click go button I can try another one and see if it does the same thing. When I click on the mp4 file it plays in the correct orientation. thanks Mike
  13. I downloaded a Youtube video. Then I converted to DVD on Roxio Pro 2012. The video has turned 90* on the DVD. Is there a solution thanks Mike
  14. squatch

    Convert .exe To .iso

    Thank you Jim
  15. squatch

    Convert .exe To .iso

    Can pro 2012 convert an exe to iso then to bootable. I do have ultraiso thanks Mike