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    Video Wave

    Using Creator 2011 with Windows 7 Trying to produce an iso file for a DVD from an mpg or avi file, the program get to near the end of the process and then produces the error message "Video Wave has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" I'm trying to make an iso file as I've wasted too many discs trying to burn them directly. Is this a known problem, if so what is the solution? I've tried re-installing the software but no change. Unless I can fix this, I see no reason for updating to Creator 2012, but will be forced to consider alternative software.
  2. English Pensioner

    Video Wave

    Thanks for all the comments. I've now managed to make an iso file using the folder set, and then burn the iso file to a disc. Making a folder set also gives me the chance to remove the Roxioplasma folder which isn't required. I prefer to make an iso file as I can then archive it on an external hard drive so it is readily available to make another disc if needed.
  3. English Pensioner

    Video Wave

    The standard Windows message is all that I get when it stops working, which as you say, is of very little use. The progress panel shows Open Project (ticked) Encode Movies (ticked) Record Menus (ticked) Finish (blank) 97% complete Then the standard windows message appears The computer (Novotech) has an Intel Core i5 CPU 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM 64 bit, Windows 7 Home Premium. I've just tried to make a folder set, that worked OK But I don't know how to burn a folder set to disc - I read that the files have to be burnt in a particular order and can't simply be copied to the disc. Normally, I make an iso file, and then run it using "Virtual Clone Drive". If this works OK, I then burn the disc from the iso. The file incidentally was an off air film recorded on my Topfield PVR and edited to remove the ads.
  4. English Pensioner

    "sonic" On Dvd

    When I burn a DVD of a video I get two series of files The first series VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, etc The second, a small file (32kB) VTS_02_1.VOB, which comprises just 15 frames, the first one being all red with the word "SONIC" in the middle. Why? If I am to have an extra file, I'd rather put my own copyright label, which I can do by editing the iso file. But I'd rather either remove this extra file completely before the DVD is burnt, or replace the single frame within the program with one of my own design. Does anyone know where I can find the file containing this single frame or the 15secs of video, so that I don't have to search the whole computer?
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    Movie Menus

    I am moving a number of VCR recordings to DVD. I have converted them to mpg and started a new DVD project and added two movies. But I'm having problems with the menu. I've changed the static picture background, OK. I've added audio to the menu. Two problems 1. I can't change the audio length from 5 seconds ( my music is 24 secs) 2. I can change the initial colour of the title font, but I can't change the colour that it changes to when selected. Help, please
  6. I've just installed a new hard drive, re-loaded Windows XP Media Edition, SP3 and all the updates. I've re-loaded most of my other software and all works OK. But I can't load EMC9 Set-up runs, and then I get the message Error 1327. Invalid Drive K:\ I have Drive C: (Programs), Drive D: (Recovery), and Drive U: (User data) as three partitions, but no drive K:\ Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I was considering upgrading, but an upgrade (at upgrade price) normally requires the original software to be installed.