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  1. Hello! When I use MS Word I always set it to automatically save my work every minute. Then if for some reason it crashes I never lose much. My Roxio Video Wave program just crashed on me and I lost about 15 minutes of work. Fortunately it wasn't more than that. Is there an auto-save option here? Thank you!
  2. zinck

    Saving New Project?

    Well, I made some progress. I was able to save the project after I added a video clip. And I put in the background music. So can someone remind me what I do to find the option for adding narration? Thanks again! Larry
  3. zinck

    Saving New Project?

    Hello, again! I recently had to reformat my desktop computer. I am using Windows 10. So today I did a fresh reinstall of Roxio Creator NXT 2. I need to work on a video project. So I'm just getting started. Right off the bat when I try to save the project the SAVE button does not allow me to click on it. How can that be? So far all I had put in the new video were a couple of colored panels. Was that too little? While I'm here I also did not see an option of where to add my background music or my narration audio. I know I have done this before so I don't know what's not working or what I have forgotten. I appreciate the help and your patience! Larry
  4. zinck

    Best Export Video Options?

    I moved away from home in 1973. But go visit friends in your area every couple of years. Thanks for the advice. I won't be doing BluRay. Sounds like WMV is probably my best option.
  5. zinck

    Best Export Video Options?

    Hello! I see you are in Houston. I grew up in Texas City. Well, my "video" is actually just a bunch of photos and some are 40 years old and were scanned. So I'm not starting with anything very sharp. A long way off from HD. Later in the year I'll come up with something else like this that I need to present at various locations. I usually put it on a thumb drive. So if I choose WMV which one of the options in Roxio is the best? The last one on the list WMV 9? (320 x 240) or (640 x 480)? Or if I choose to do avi, which option is best? Generic? ARCHOS? or Creative ZEN? Thanks again for the advice!
  6. I'm just curious. I finished my little video. Now it is time to produce or export the final product. Which video file formats are the best to use to play on my laptop? To upload to YouTube? Or to play on my television? Or to show on a projector? Or just general all purpose good quality? Thank you for your suggestions!
  7. My version says NXT 2 (Build 150B05C) I just found what you showed here. I had clicke on little red "Motion" ball I get 11 options. I did NOT see Start Path: Still or Fly or Scroll. Now I went back and clicked on the LAST option to the right (Settings) and found the BOX you show here. And there is a SLOW SCROLL option availible there. Thank you for your patience with me!
  8. Jim, Thank you for the prompt reply. That was helpful and gave me the tools I needed to find a fix. In my version there is no Fast Scroll and Slow Scroll -- Only "Scroll". But by clicking in the text I found a way to extend the length of the text so that it will fill out the whole color pane. I adjusted the pane to about 19 seconds and added some spaces into my Basic Credits and so now it is filling out the time I need. A slower scroll would be nicer but I found another way to "skin the cat'. I'll probably have more questions soon. Thanks again! Larry
  9. Hello! I really like my Video Wave software. My problem is I don't use it enough to get very good at it. Today I am beginning a new production. I am beginning with black color panels. ( I put in 3 panels as my song has a long piano intro before I get to the photos.) I chose to use the Text Effect - "Basic Credits". And it is working. My problem is I want the Basic Credits to scroll through more slowly and then to remain on the screen longer. How can I adjust the speed and the length? It all works just fine and then after about 7 seconds it all just disappears. Thank you VERY much for your help! Larry
  10. I appreciate all of your help!
  11. I appreciate all of the help. And your patience with me! I did the splitting and deleting. Now the problem is the volume at the VERY end of the first section goes down. And the volume at the VERY beginning of the next section (after the split) fades in. I tried and tried and tried to PULL UP the volume at the end of the first part and the beginning of the next part but it would not budge. Is there a secret to this? Thank you!
  12. Please remember that I am a novice at this! I tried to do what you said. But when I go into TRIM I only see the video. I can't see the Native Audio Track so I don't know exactly where the glitch is, nor exactly how long it is. Is there something I'm doing wrong? And I'm not sure what you mean by move the cursor to the EXACT FRAME. From what I see TRIM is not nearly that precise. I can see the EXACT spot in the AUDIO Editor, but I don't see any options for cutting out the fraction of silence.
  13. Yes, the glitch is in the original recording. The silence comes in the middle of a song. In the past I have only used trim to cut off the beginning or end. Will it work in the middle? I can just leave it like it is. It works. But "perfection" would be better.
  14. I noticed in my Native Audio where people are singing that there is a fraction of a second where there is NO sound, a very short glitch in the recording. Can I fix this? I tried cutting it out but it is so short I was unsuccessful. Is there some trick in the Audio Editor box that I need to know about? Thank you again!
  15. Thanks for the reply! I also forgot that I needed to click on the "Show Tracks Button" so that the Native Audio would be visible.