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  1. darthken

    Videowave Crashes

    The post I originally replied to seems to have been deleted...
  2. darthken

    Videowave Crashes

    No one is "threatening" you sknis. Your heavy sarcasm and trite answers in regards to this matter are not helpful in the slightest. Please let the grownups discuss issues on this forum. I for one will certainly go elsewhere.
  3. darthken

    Videowave Crashes

    This is such a ridiculous problem. How about Roxio needs discipline when designing their software or they are going to continue to lose business to higher quality, less expensive competitor software. Roxio obviously doesn't really care about their customers and expects customers to upgrade endlessly without Roxio needing to put any real effort into improving their product. No more upgrades for me or my friends.
  4. darthken

    Videowave Crashes

    When I'm editing a video in the timeline window of videowave, when I move the selector to the right, out of the view field, I lose control of the selector and the view fast forwards through the rest of the video and then hangs for awhile - frozen. I can't select anything during this fast forward cycle. Sometimes the software doesn't recover from this ordeal and I have to close it from Task Manager. This problem has been happening to me through three versions of Windows and four versions of Roxio. It's hard for me to believe that this major bug hasn't been fixed yet because it essentialy makes the software unusable to me, even as just a casual editing tool. Sure I could use the scrolling tool at the bottom of the screen to make sure the selection cursor is always in the field of view, but this also seems like an unnecesarry hassle that I haven't encountered in any other editing software.
  5. darthken

    Multiple Audio Track Authoring

    In terms of Blu-Ray or DVD authoring, will Roxio ever support the use of multiple audio tracks for a movie? (For example, having an English and Spanish audio track that the viewer can choose.)
  6. darthken


    Is there software out there that still supports the playing of HD-DVDs from HD-DVD drives? Roxio claims their HD/Blu-Ray player plugin for Creator 2010 will do the trick but I haven't had any success. Cineplayer still won't recognize the High Def DVDs when inserted. The plug-in will let Cineplayer recognize normal DVDs and Blu-Ray discs but of course multiple (free) programs will do that as well.