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    Frustrated At Toast, Roxio And Corel

    Haven't used CDSD for some months but I volunteered to digitise a vinyl record for someone, first mistake. Checked all the connections and loaded CDSD and thats when the real problems started. All the options on the record screen are greyed out and you cannot even start a recording. It worked fine last time out thanks to Tsantee's work around. Checked website no further updates to the one I have so just on the off chance downloaded a fresh copy of Toast v10.0.9 (569) and installed. No change. Currently running OS 10.7.5 fully updated. Do a bit of further research and Roxio (now Corel) have the following on their website. "Toast 10 Titanium is not supported on Mac OS X Lion" but they have released a maintenance update which they state " resolves a select number of issues to ensure that most users who wish to continue using Toast 10 Titanium can continue to do so". Wrong its just v10.0.9 which I already have installed and doesn't cure any CDSD issues. So if you have OS 10.7.x you cannot use CDSD. So do you update to Toast 11? Well no as the site also states " Most users will be able to use Toast 11 uninterrupted, however the latest update for Toast 11 has resolved issues that will be experienced by Lion users. System audio capture (Spin Doctor X) is not compatible with Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion)", so thats a non starter. So it would appear that the answer is to upgrade to Toast 11 and OS 10.8.x but according to many users on the forum SDx does not work in v11. I know this is really not a question for the forum but I just wanted to vent my frustration at the manufacturers as once they have your money you are on your own. Well so long it once was a good experience (have been using Roxio since CD Creator v3 on Windows) but this is the last Roxio product I shall be buying. Just got to look for a good alternative to digitise old vinyl. Any suggestions?
  2. Terry47

    Toast 10.0.9 And Lion

    Yet another update to this saga. Following the withdrawal of update 1009_568 a new one was issued yesterday 1009_569, but I don't know why they bothered. It has not cured the CDSD issue under Lion. Also installation was not as straight forward as you are led to believe. Following the instructions and dragging the new Toast folder to applications starts the process and then it halts saying that it could not continue as the info.plist is in use So you have to trash the complete Toast Titanium 10 folder and start again. This works and the applications install, but what problems does it cure??? Come on Roxio get your act together and make CDSD useable again.
  3. Terry47

    No Toast 10 Updates?

    Yes you are right, there it is but does it work? not in my case. Installation was not straight forward either, you have to trash the full Toast Titanium 10 folder as it says info.plist is in use and cannot continue. The original update 1009_568.dmg did not let CDSD work under Lion and neither does this version 1009_569.dmg. So I still have a useless application. Come on Roxio get your act together.
  4. Terry47

    No Toast 10 Updates?

    No you are not going crazy. The update released a couple of weeks ago, v10.0.9 didn't resolve much and stopped CDSD working at all under Lion, so its been pulled. I'm told they are currently working upon a new one which will resolve all the issues (I think we've heard that before) but they cannot tell when it is to be released. So CDSD at the moment, for me, is totally useless.
  5. Terry47

    Toast 10.0.9 And Lion

    Well I suppose I jumped the gun a bit, switching on the computer this morning and there was a response from Steve at Roxio. How useful it is I'll leave you to decide. If and when the issue gets resolved (I have asked for a timeframe) I'll update the forum, but in the meantime the software is as useful as a chocolate teapot. Perhaps I'll take tsantee's advise and switch to Bias Sound Saver for my vinyl conversion.
  6. Terry47

    Toast 10.0.9 And Lion

    Well I did decide to submit a Customer Support ticket just to see if there were any solutions to this issue. Well that was nine days ago but only 5 working days. Apart from the initial 'we've got your request and here is your ticket number' there has been nothing else. I've been a Roxio user for many years right back to Easy CD Creator 5 on Windows 98, and during that time have not experienced many issues. It was usually a PICNIC (problem in chair not in computer) issue but at the moment CDSD is utterly useless. I know sometimes there are Roxio staff on the forum so if they know what is happening can they pass it on, the worst bit is not knowing if anything is happening. If and when anything is forthcoming I'll keep the forum updated.
  7. Terry47

    Toast 10.0.9 And Lion

    Following the release of Lion a while back I thought I'd leave it a few weeks before taking the plunge so everyone can get themselves sorted and iron out the initial issues. With the release of the Toast 10 upgrade this week I have now upgraded to Lion. I thought to myself that there would be no problems, that was my first mistake.The Lion upgrade went without a hitch along with all the other updates and then it was Toasts turn. Following the installation of 10.0.9 and launching CDSD it had a crash and a freeze. Launching again and this time no problems until you want to use it. The window opens and it invites you to 'Choose an Input Device to Compute', screen shot attached. But whatever device you choose nothing changes, it all remains the same. Set at Line In you can hear what is being played and the meters work but thats it, you cannot change the recording quality or the input volume. Following the usual advice I trashed the following files; cdsdd.plist com.roxio.hzsystems.CDSpinDoctor.plist com.roxio.toast.plist Roxio Toast Prefs Roxio Toast Prefs 17.06.10 which made Toast not work at all. So I deleted the whole program using App Cleaner and set it all up again with the ID key from the original box which has now given the same result. Before I raise a ticket with Roxio (and start banging my head against a brick wall) I thought I'd post on the forum to see if anyone has any bright ideas on how to cure this, other than ditch Toast and try something else. As an aside I did have an email from Roxio recently (last week sometime) suggesting I upgrade to Toast 11 with the new improved Spin Doctor to capture my old vinyl, I wish I knew who their comedy writer is!!! Thanks in advance for any help given.
  8. Terry47

    Email Offering Toast 11 And Hd/bd For $69

    Well how's this for an anomaly. I've received two upgrade emails from Roxio (8 & 17 March) offering the upgrade to Toast 11 for the cost of £69.99, that equates to approximately $113. However if I follow the link on this site I can do the same for only for $59.99. Work that one out! With all the problems and issues that appear in the new version I think I'll stick with what I have for the time being, it does what I want .
  9. Terry47

    Cd Spin Doctor And Diminishing Time

    Update to last post...... I've just finished a new recording and had only 16 minutes left. This time I saved the file as it needed to have the filters applied before importing to iTunes. Completed that task and went to start a new recording and I now have 26 hours plus available. I don't know why and if anyone can through any light onto the idiosyncrasies of Toast 10 CDSD feel free. I have used this process before (saving and filtering) and nothing altered but this time....
  10. Terry47

    Cd Spin Doctor And Diminishing Time

    I've been successfully using CDSD for a number of months now transferring old tapes and vinyl to digital. I started transferring them to CD's and then importing them to iTunes, but now once CDSD has captured the audio I export it directly to iTunes after topping and tailing and adding the track info. When closing CDSD I choose the option 'don't save'. I don't save any audio via CDSD or Toast and what started out with a lot of recording time has now diminished to almost zero. Powering up today CDSD says I have only 21:03 of recording time available although it reports 576.26 gb of free space, when it originally started out there was 23 hours plus available (my MacBook has 23:29:27 recording time with only 141.89 gb available). Both the MacBook and iMac are running Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and to all intents and purposes are identical. I have scanned through the forum replies and the only one that comes close to this issue was from 'Larryg123' last year but no actual solution was listed. So the question is what will happen to CDSD when it reaches zero recording time left? even though it reports 500+ gb of space available. And how do I continue to use the program? Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Terry47

    Unable To Properly Load And Use Cd Spin Doctor

    Don't know whether I can be of much help with your problems, but I also had that error screen pop up (along with another one about a Xerox kext file) each time I had an update of iTunes under v9. Then all of a sudden it stopped appearing and has not reappeared even under V10 of iTunes. I am currently running Snow Leopard (10.6.5) on my iMac and frequently use CDSD as part of Toast 10 without any problems, although I do notice that my version is 6.1.2 dated December 2009 so I don't know if that has any bearing on it. Fortunately I have not had to use Roxio on-line support although I have used others and some are about as useful as a chocolate teapot
  12. Terry47

    Cd Spin Doctor And Diminishing Time

    Hi Guys Finally got around to transferring some old cassette tapes to digital using CD Spin Doctor. After the initial 'this is not working properly' I finally got it to do what I wanted. However when digitising the first tape there was some 12+ hours recording time available. Now after 5 tapes I'm down to 9 hours 35 minutes. But I'm not saving these to the hard drive, they are being burnt to CD and the 'Don't Save' option being selected. So The question I have for you experts out there is where is all my free space and recording time disappearing to? I've checked the default locations that 'Preferences' has recorded and they are empty, Finder says I have 916gb free while CDSD says 835gb. Can someone please give me a clue as to what is happening and why if I'm not saving there is less time and space available. Thanks