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    I've had similar problems with Roxio not reading 24 bit FLAC but OK with 16 bit FLAC. I just use Audacity to downconvert my 24 bit FLAC before loading into Roxio. It sucks that I have to lose quality because Roxio won't support 24 bit files.
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    Flac File Problem

    Mate, I had the same problem and I suspect you will find that the FLAC file you're trying to load into Roxio is 24 bit. FLAC files can be either 16 bit or 24 bit. Roxio will load 16 bit FLAC files bur will NOT load 24 bit FLAC files. My workaround was to load my 24 bit FLAC files into Audacity (one of the best free audio editors) and then export them to 16 bit FLAC files which you can then load into Roxio. If you use Audacity make sure you click on the Option button before you hit save on the Export screen. If you've selected your export file type as FLAC you should seee options for 16 & 24 bit. Good luck!