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  1. I have several DVDs with movies of my family that I want to archive on Blu-Ray discs. Should I make multiple image files and then burn them to a Blu-Ray disc? I want to avoid wasting space on the BD discs. Or is there an easier way in Creator? I haven't used Creator 2011 for a while but haven't found a way to do this and didn't see this topic in the forums. Thanks for your help.
  2. DocRock54

    Can't Install Bluray Plgin (2011 Creator)

    Just another update. I spent >1 hour on the phone today with Dell technical support. He was very patient, but it took most of that time for him to understand the issue. You would think this is a common enough concern that Dell would make their tech support people aware of it. Long story short - he suggested I buy Creator 2012 and he would help me get reimbursed for the 2011 product. I'm sorry - that's just too much trouble. I don't mind not being able to burn BD nearly as much as the time I've wasted trying to figure out where the issue was. Some guidance from either Dell or Roxio, letting me know the product doesn't support burning BD movies would have been much appreciated.
  3. DocRock54

    Can't Install Bluray Plgin (2011 Creator)

    Thanks. I did.
  4. DocRock54

    Avchd Archive Error

    I had copied the internal flash drive of my Canon camcorder (Vixia HF11) to a 32 GB San Disk Ultra Class 6 SDHC card. One BD-R couldn't hold all 30 GB, so when the first disc was full I put in another (when prompted) and got this error message. Nothing had been copied to the second BD. I have tried two more times, selecting video manually (so I don't copy the files that had already been copied) and have gotten the same error message each time. BTW, the first 113 files were copied successfully and play in a Blu-ray player. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  5. DocRock54

    Avchd Archive Error

    I hope this has not been addressed elsewhere. I looked and didn't see anything similar. I got Creator 2011 with my Dell XPS equipped with a Blu-ray burner. I have successfully copied AVCHD files to a blu-ray disc, but the last time I did this I got this error message: "Primary videostream attributes must be consistent with play...(the remainder of the message is hidden by the window)." I was copying from a SDHC card, as I have done successfully in the past. The entire operation went smoothly until I got this message. I looked on the disc and no files have been copied. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  6. DocRock54

    Can't Install Bluray Plgin (2011 Creator)

    Thanks for your reply. RE: OEM version - I told support I was willing to pay for the plug-in. After numerous exchanges they finally said that the plug-in was no longer available, and they didn't say for which product (though I specified Creator). I'm puzzled that I couldn't get the help I needed by e-mailing support and now have to call sales. After all this, I am not hopeful that I'll get an answer from them either.
  7. DocRock54

    Can't Install Bluray Plgin (2011 Creator)

    Soccerdad - did you ever get this resolved? I'm in exactly the same boat as you. I'm a newbie, got Creator 11 with virtually an identical Dell. I have the Blu-ray choice grayed out. I've e-mailed Dell, and all they do is refer me to technical support, when all I need to know is should the plug-in have come with the already installed software. Roxio has been even less helpful, since they don't send you a new e-mail with a link when they have replied to your last post. They haven't seemed to understand what my issue was, despite multiple attempts. I finally asked if I could simply purchase the plug-in, only to be told that the plug-in is no longer available. That's hard to believe, given the computer's only two months old. Why sell software that you can't update? In any event, can you tell me what you did? It seems like Roxio is not-so-subtly pushing us to buy Creator 2012, just so we can use all the tools of Creator.
  8. DocRock54

    Mac Os Error Message -18768

    I got this message when trying to burn video in Blu-Ray format to a DVD, which I have done successfully before. I haven't update my MAC since I did this before. Any ideas? I'm new to MACs and Toast. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I am a very new user, both to Macs and Toast. At this time I'm only worried about backing up video from my Canon Vixia HF11. I've successfully made BluRay copies and High Definition DVDs but since I have a large backup harddrive (2TB OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro), I wondered if I could back up the AVCHD files to the backup harddrive without first putting them on my MB Pro 5.1 harddrive (2.53 GHz Intel Core 2, Mac OS X 10.5.8) or using iMovie. Right now I'm using the converting feature to export files from the burner (OWC Mercury Pro 12X SuperDrive) to my back-up drive. I'm writing this while the copying takes place. I've never used the back-up HD to do anything more than backup my MB and I wasn't prompted to set up a new folder. I've been getting messages like "last command not completed because you don't have permission (error 5000) but when I click the copying seems to continue. Is this the right procedure? Am I risking my backup HD? Why am I getting the error message? Is there a better way to accomplish this task? Other than the very terse user manual that came with the Toast software, are there any other references for newbies like myself out there (like the Missing Manual series)? Thanks so much.