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  1. Okay. Thanks to everyone. It was the "level" in Windows 7 Control Panel, Sound that was the problem. I set it to 50 and balenced it. Roxio is working!
  2. Thanks for trying. I have checked all the settings inside Windows 7 and inside Roxio. All are enabled and/or available. I am listening to music through my computer speakers now, as I was before, but Roxio does not "hear" the music. Other suggestions?
  3. I have used Roxio 2009 and before that Creator. All connections have been double-checked for correctness. Sound is coming through the computer's speakers. Digitize LPs and Tapes module recognizes the input device--Realtek AC'97 Audio. I have the latest driver. I am using Windows 7. I can "Rip" CD's. I can copy videos. In other words, the other modules seem to be working. However, there is no sound recognized by the Digitize LPs and Tapes module. The level meters do not move. I have used "Repair" in the Remove Software. I have reinstalled Creator 2010. What should I try/do next?
  4. dvpearson

    Change Display Settings Message

    When I use "My DVD" I get the following message before the application will start: "The current display settings do not meet the minimum requirements for this application. Please change the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher, and the color quality to 16-bit or higher." My display properties in settings are: Screen Resolution--1280 x 720, and Color Quality--Highest (32bit). If I change it to 1024 x 768 in Display Properties the application will run. I don't like the setting for my other work. Is there some way to keep the 1280 x 720? 1280 x 720 is the optimum resolution for my eMachines HD monitor.
  5. Your suggestion was the solution. I captured a video with Ulead and processed it with EMC10. Thanks for the help
  6. Thanks for the reply. I did not do any editing or adding anything to the Ulead Video File. Roxio handled it fine. There was no problem with the file. I think there is an issue between EMC 10 and Ulead when both are on my computer and I have used Ulead before using Roxio. It only happens with the DVD tools. The other Roxio tools work fine.
  7. I use DVDXpressDX2 for my video capture device. EMC 10 does not recognize it so I use Ulead Video Studio SE 9 to capture a video. Then I can work with the "uvs" file from the Roxio application. When I begin to burn the DVD using MyDVD in Roxio sometimes Roxio will hang or it will burn and then hang. I am sure that it is being caused by an issue between Roxio and Ulead. Is there an easier work-around? Is Roxio working on a patch to recognize DVDXpressDX2?
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    I am trying to record directly from the thru the sound card from my home satellite connection. Audio for Car or Home wants me to add files from my computer.
  9. dvpearson


    About 6 months ago I was able to create cd's for my cd player in my truck. I have not been able to do that now. I can't remember how I did it. I recorded from my satellite connection in my house through my computer's sound card. I used the WAV selection in Easy Audio Capture. My player in my truck says it is a "data disk". What step(s) am I missing?
  10. dvpearson

    Easy Audio Capture

    Thanks. It works fine under Music Disc Creator.
  11. dvpearson

    Easy Audio Capture

    I can create a cd that will play on my computer but will not play in the cd player of my truck. It says "Data" and rejects the disk. I used a "wav" setting and also an "mp3" setting. Does Easy Audio Capture not work for this?