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    Creator 2010 And Windows 8

    I SURE LOOKS IIIIIII I think you are right about 2010 not being compatible with Win 8 -- I can not select music from my music libraries in Video wave or My DVD. Every thing else seems to work but not my music selection. Do you think there will be an update to 2010 to work with Win 8? I have change the compatibility to Vista ( which I had) but no change. it still does not work properly.
  2. thanks for the info - i do have folders set up for different Roxie input & output - i do cosider myself organized - i did not understand the concept of 2 editting programs ( MYDVD & Videowave) - so I used MYDVD software for most of my editting - i will look into using video wave more -- you have a lot of info here and it will take some time to digest - i will close this one soon - and we can communicate in you new post like you suggest I think we have gone as far as we can with this one.
  3. the problem with using ISO file is you can only burn 1 ISO file - I have created multi ISO files (various editted movies thru the year - family gatherings) and i need a method to combine thes files (I.E. VCPF compilation file) which does not work it crashes.
  4. I was offered a refund about a month ago -- should have taken it--
  5. Horray – now I feel vindicated – many people probable are not using this method because they are not combining movies over a long period of time. It is much easier to edit each movie I take, save it and combine them later when I have enough for a DVD. Such as family gatherings at different times of the year. I found out you can only burn 1 ISO file at a time. I had many ISO files for different times of the year. I.e. that’s why I combined them using the .vcpf (compilation) file to burn to a DVD. I have not found any documentation on what a folder set is. Do you have a short explanation or know where it is explained?? I glad to hear we are both on the same track now. Thanks for your great investigational help. It has been very frustrating communicating with Roxie via the help ticket and trying to figure out how the discussion group works. What do you think Roxie will do – I presented them with 3 options, fix 2010, mail me 2011 or refund. The option button was supposed to be fixed with sp2 – I have creator sp2 and it still crashes. It may have something to do with Creator 2010 special edition.
  6. thanks for the suggestion - but it did not work - i did a repair & reboot and then a update, which was for sp2 - and another rebooth - tested copy & convert which crashed on closing option screen and also crashed when I tried to burn a DVD with the .vcpf file. the must be some bug in this special edition of roxiie creator 2010.
  7. i have Roxie Creator 2010 special edition - V1.2.193 SP2.1; and it crashes when you close the option screen. i have GB an GB of ram. something is not right with my edition - I have checked for updates and there aren't any. so I am up to date. boy you are an early riser
  8. others are having a problem with the copy & convert options screen crashing when you close it - it may be related to to the copy & convert burning a DVD with the .vcpf file. hard to tell how many people are trying to do this. Did you create an ISO files, convert them to a .vcpf file and try to burn the .vcpf to a DVD??
  9. The 2 bugs i am refering to are in copy & convert, such as not being able to Burn a DVD with the .vcpf file and the option screen crashes when you close it. Otherwise I am testing you methods using videowave & mydvd and forget about copy & convert for now. thanks for your suggestions and tim.
  10. thanks again - that clears that up - it's a very good edittor but still has some bugs in it - glad to have someone who can figure this stuff out - i am in the process of testing videowave, export/save it as a mpg-2 and then use MYDVD to burn a DVD. i did it with 1 movie now i am going to try and combine a couple. thanks again. i will be in touch. have a great day from Sun City West AZ
  11. when you say title are you talking about a menu revisions ?? i undestand that MYDVD is a burning software ( iso, disc & something called folder set) in which you can also edit. but there is a export in MYDVD> file & in in MYDVD project settings. these are not available to revise/change. is this another Roxie can't use function??
  12. do you know why export is not available in MYDVD and is available in VIDEOWAVE. What turns it on in MYDVD? I see it in MYDVD>file (not highlighted ) & in MYDVD project settings, but not availble to change (use)
  13. thanks for the suggestion - this could work - i will test it and see if it does what I want - thanks again. do you know why export is not available in MYDVD and is available in VIDEOWAVE. What turns it on in MYDVD? I see it in MYDVD>file (not highlighted ) & in MYDVD project settings, but not availble to change (use)
  14. you are correct that mydvd works fine - the problems is I have 3-4 or more separate movies filmed and edited at different times of the year. You cannot combine .dmsd (my DVD) or .dmsm (videowave) files. to use this part of the software you have to edit all movies at th same time and together and that would be a lot of MB or even GB. 3 -4 -5 family gathering movies together in mydvd, I think would be to large to put on a 4.GB DVD. That is what I am using ISO files for, combing edited movies, at a later date when I have enough for a DVD. I hope this clears up some questions. Roxie instructions state you can do this BUT IT DOESN'T WORK. it crashes in Copy & Convert, which is the software you must use to combine edited files. copy & create burn stopped working.pdf
  15. i do have mcAfee - i turned it off and still have the crash problem - thanks - anything else??