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  1. Much Obliged: mounting the ISO image with Disk image Mounter works fine, Disk Utility is a bit messy. I accept the performance issues for video: making multiple copies for separate external drives would not be a problem either: it is the quest for finding software that will 'play' an iso image on a Mac that is at issue here
  2. I have some ISO images in a USB external drive that were created on a windows PC under XP which I want to 'play' on a number of Macs across a network from the USB drive. I can move the files to a lan based external hard drive if that helps with the problem The solution adopted for 'playing' them on the Windows net worked computers is as follows: Mount the ISO files as virtual drives using Daemon Tools. 'Play' them using DVD software such as Power DVD or Nero etc I am looking for a Mac equivalent please. It was suggested that Toast will do the job: hence my first post here as I cannot find the answer on the site. I don't want to have to copy the ISO files from the external drive. Thanks