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    How To Place Chapters In Dvd

    Thanks! I think you are right, I want each of the six videos tpo be a title. No chapters within them. To be clear on what I want, it is to be able to play cintiuously, and to be able to go to the one they want to see. Thanks! I'll see if I can do that... I am a sound guy, not a video person, so all this is foreign to me! <L>
  2. loujudson

    How To Place Chapters In Dvd

    I have six pieces recorded in concert, each is a quicktime .MOV file. I was to put them on a DVD so that each piece is a chapter. Hoiw can I do that?
  3. loujudson

    Jam Doesn't Let You Use The Year "10" In The Isrc Code

    Not true fo rme!
  4. loujudson

    Audio discs

    Don't know if you have solved your problem yet but I just saw it.: Why not just use iTunes to make audio CDs from MP3s? In Toast, are you burning DAO - you need to for audio CDs to play properly. Also, it is old mythology to burn audio CDs at slowest spped. Modern burners and discs are optimized for hogher speeds so better results (Lower error rates) wil hapen around 16, 24, or even 32X burn speeds. Best luck; report back if it is working or not. Lou