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    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    tsantee, I appreciate your help. And as I am very new to Toast (I somehow managed to work around it for 8 years of video work!) it is nice to get a bit of a tutorial. I am posting this response only because I am concerned that this problem get fixed. Here's what has happened: I have ripped a DVD (I have the rights to the film) to Desktop. It is a DUal layer, clocking in at 5.64 GB. I followed your steps, and when I grab the Video_TS folder into the DVD_Video area, it shows the proper number of titles. BUT - it shows the DVD weighing in at 3.1 GB I thought that this was an example of "working around" the bug. But when I go through with the Make Disk Image... The Image results in the original 5.64 GB. I understand that you are only trying to be helpful (and you have helped me find my way around the interface, etc.). I have alternative methods to accomplish what I need to do. But I am more puzzled than upset (by a hair) by this anomalous activity. Also... in your first reply to me, you mentioned that the Video_TS ->Shrink function is not working if you make any modifications to the Folder. But I am making none. Using the VIDEO_TS function indeed shows the folder as 5.64 GB. But of course this does NOT do the fit-toDVD function at all. Again, thanks for your reply. When I have time, I will try to kick this up to Roxio. Bill
  2. billyam

    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    I am having this same problem. I have the Fit-to-DVD checked. DVD SL as the media option. And yet the disc img I get is the same 6.5GB I started with. This is very upsetting as I have just downloaded and installed 10.0.7. Just for this purpose. Running on 10.6.4 Snow Leopard. Looking for any solutions. Bill