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  1. I love it when a person asks a question and a bunch of kids chime in with non-answers. But you kids can take solice knowing that you are not allone - sadly, it seems you and your ilk inhabit every corner of every online forum. Since my belief is more closely aligned with the persons asking the questions than with the dolts exposing their ignorance by not actually answering the question posed, that a software lifespan of 4 years is ridiculously short (and if you were to upgrade to Windows 7 when it was first introduced, you would get a whopping 1.5 years before requring a full upgrade.) This is extremely short sighted, and we as comsumers should not purchase from companies that do not provide compatibility upgrades for a much longer period. At first I wondered how two incosiderate 11 year olds achieved "Guru" status, but I just figured it out. You guys that are "On the Pickle", and in between swallows, you spew whatever corporate ^#!& they spurt between your ears. So, let me offer this advice so that you will at least appear to have entered puberty: If asked a "yes or no" question - please make an attempt to limit your answer to those words. If you don't really know - or have never tried the XP compatibility mode, click the little X up in the right corner and read another thread. Can you imagine if the all of the adults decided to add in "Nope, I've never tried that" "I don't know that one" too? How illuminating - now isn't it past your bedtime? And if you are still compelled to add in some ^#!& that daddy said to type, have him or mommy look it over before you hit POST.