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    Sonic Record Now Version 6.5

    I don't know what OS since they were created so long ago by someone else. A friend suggested AlternateStreamView a viewer editing program to look at the data. I may install it just to see what it is about but getting me near a delete key is dangerous. I am a novice computer user and get scared easily. Grin Learning something new each day. That is what I like about using computers. Celeste
  2. cel01

    Sonic Record Now Version 6.5

    I think I found the answer to my question. Sharing it here in case anyone else comes across this. "Alternate streams [ADS's] are not listed in Windows Explorer, and their size is not included in the file's size. It sounds like my RecordNow CD software *is* counting the size of alternate data stream(s) associated with the file". Here is a little reading on it. Scroll down to ADS Alternate Data Streams
  3. XP Pro Sp3 I have old Adobe PDF files that I am trying to burn to disk for protection. The documents are one size but when I add them to the CD record program they show double the size. Example this document was 323KB in size but when placed in the recorder program it takes up 668 KB's This is the data from the file 323KB 8/2004 Application: PScriptd5.dll Version 5.2 PDF Version 1.3 PDF Producer: Acrobat Distiller 5.0 (windows) I have Adobe Reader 9.3 to read it. I am using Sonic Record Now version 6.5 as my record software. It came with the Dell Dimension computer in 2004 I know it is old. Grin. I did multiple scans on it and it shows up clean. Any ideas? Thanks